WinMount Review, Get Awesome Pricing for the Compression Tool

Most of us know about the compressed files. By using different software, we often create such files of zip, rar, and other formats. But the word mount is not that commonly known, though it is closely related with the compressed files. Computer science treats this term differently.

WinMount – Efficient Mount & Compress Solution

The mount is making the virtual drive of the images of the files or folders which are compressed. There are some tools which can be used for compressing and mounting the files and folders. One of such tools is the WinMount. This product provides various advantages. Most important points about this one have been mentioned in this review.


Supports Various Formats

One of the biggest advantages of this product is it supports so many compressed file formats and mount formats. The main target of this WinMount is to create images of the necessary files to the virtual disks or space. That means it can be used for making more free space on the computer hard disk. So this type of tool must support the files of different formats. Some of the supported formats are ISO, RAR, ZIP, VHD, VMDK and MOU, etc. Important thing is it does not need to decompress the targeted files at all. That is why, to the virtual disks, spaces will be saved also. Suppose, you want to get some music to iTunes from the virtual disk. WinMount will let you do so with ease.

32bit & 64bit Versions

There are very few mount and compress solutions which have both the 32bit and 64bit versions. WinMount has both the versions for the same price. For each of those, two types of licenses are available. According to this post creating time, Personal License of any of these can be purchased by $49. On the other hand, Site License cost is $999 only. This one can be used in any kind of government or private offices or networks. WinMount is totally compatible with the Windows 2000. The size of this tool is only a few MB. That is why it is very fast and efficient. Layout setting has made this product more powerful. A trial version of it can be used before the purchasing the license. With the license, 30 days money back guarantee is available.

winmount review

Mounting DVDs and HDD

No matter what is the type of CDs and DVDs, WinMount has the capability to work with those. Similarly, it can mount all types of HDDs. Even it can mount the Microsoft WIM. For creating the blank disks, this tool is awesome. As it uses the virtual paths for all the actions, it will not make any harm to the hard disk. A very advanced optimized algorithm is used in this. That is why the mounting procedure of this product is very fast. Similarly, it is a very fast tool for unmount and decompress processes.