System Navigator Pricing : Get File Management Software Review

In this modern time, the use of the computer system cannot be described in words. It offers us a lot of beneficial support in maintaining all the needed tasks. Through the computer system, we can simply manage the business related tasks in an easy mood.

While using a PC, we have to manage a lot of files for various purposes. To manage all the needed files in a flexible way, we need to rely on the file management tool. System Navigator is a file management tool in this case.

System Navigator and the full overview

This is defined as one of the best effective solutions in the management section. The available options under this offer the way to create a lot of file types. Besides, the deleting process, copying system and the moving process of the available files can be handled through this. Besides, the function of list creation process and the comparison process of various directories can be managed through this program. Moreover, the file extraction process and the compress mood can be organized through this.

system navigator tool

The Available features included by System Navigator

Versatile File Management: This solution offers the flexible interface system with the duel panel system by which the file management process can be organized in a user friendly way. It offers a lot of options to handle the needed folders and the files.

Social Marketing: For allowing the activities with the social networking site, this solution offers some fundamental tools with the built-in functions. It offers the processes by which the needed media can be selected for sharing them in online.

System Utility process: To manage the file sharing process and the FTP process with the built-in function, this program offers some active tools. Through this, the users can easily upload the media files like images, video files and others with the available options.

Archiving System: System Navigator offers the way of modifying the available files and the folders in various formats. It can support a lot of formats for the compression mood and the archiving mood also.

Photos and text file supporting option: System Navigator has the specified tool by which the photo viewing option can be handled in a quick process. It can support almost more than 40 formats for the image section lime.Bump, .JPG, .Ping, .gif, .psd and so on.

system navigator tool review

Pricing Section managed by System Navigator

System Navigator included some packages. Among of them, the first one is the Single License for single user. It demands $24.95. For the Group License, the users have to pay $79.95 and it is available for 5 users. The Site License can be used by 25 users and the price of this package is only $195.95.