Product Review Basics

The main target of a product review is not to promote a product. Rather, it should represent the actual performance or quality of a product. Generally, manufacturers always hide the negative sides of a product. That is why, a balanced review is more reliable that what is said by a manufacturer. We can see that lots of customers visit some review sites before purchasing a digital or physical product. Some of these review sites are YellowPages, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Manta, etc.

product review

How to Get Review

Just a few years back, people were used to get some software and other digital products from online. Now, we love to purchase even physical goods, like mobile phones & accessories, furniture, apparels, and crockeries, etc. There are several online services also. For example, you can get financial advice from different platforms. There are so many experiments on these digital products, physical goods, and services. Before buying any of these things, you can easily check its experience from different sites. It is very easy to find out some reliable one.

If you see a product review only say the positives about a product, then that should be ignored. Instead, you should focus on those reviews offering pros and cons about a product. Such assessment becomes more effective if that compare a product with some of its main competitors. You can also submit your reviews on different product to enhance the decisions of future customers.

How Orders are Processed

Orders are processed by the payment processor of the product merchant or 3rd party. Whichever the procedure is, you should expect an email mentioning the product details.

How will I receive the product?

If the product is a digital one, you should receive a download link or download details. If it is a physical one, you may receive the shipment details from them.

Can we promote our product?

Currently we are not accepting product promotion from 3rd party due to some issues. If we allow later, we will obviously put a form on the homepage.

Is there a Money back guarantee?

It actually depends on the product developer whether they are offering one or not. If they offer one, then please contact with them through the their support section or email.

How to contact with us?

For any other query, please write to us with the OpenRDF contact form.