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10% Cashback on Any Wing FTP Server License

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Buy Windows, Mac, Linux or even Solaris edition with ‘click to redeem’ and avail 10% flat cashback on your purchase. Please see following FTP Server image for this procedure details.

10% Cashback on dbForge Studio for SQL Server

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Purchase Studio for SQL Server with ‘click to redeem’ link. Then claim for cash rebate as per Studio image below.

10% Cashback on dbForge Studio for Oracle

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Go through ‘click to redeem’ and buy Standard, Professional and any other license with the cash rebate as mentioned.

15% Cashback on Purchasing EasyDiscuss

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Buy with the ‘redeem link’ and then ask for cashback on EasyDiscuss. Please have a look at following EasyDiscuss image:

15% off Cashback on EasySocial Purchase

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Have cool 15% cashback as EasySocial coupon. For details, please see the ES image given above.

25% off Partition Recovery Home Edition

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Buy RS Partition Recovery Home license with the ‘click to redeem’ button and have 25% discount.

25% off Partition Recovery Office Edition

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Purchase Office Edition with the price off.

25% off Partition Recovery Commercial Edition

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Get the RS commercial edition with the link.

20% off Cashback on Keyword Snatcher Buy

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Buy Snatcher with ‘click to redeem’ link and get the cashback mentioned. Please follow the Keyword Snatcher image for details.

20% Cashback on Any License

success 100%

MySiteAuditor requires to signup free trial first. So first click on the ‘click to redeem’ link here and go for the signup.

Then buy any plan, Basic or Pro and email us for 20% cashback. Please see following MySiteAuditor image that illustrates how you can email us to claim this.

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