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Deskshare has become a popular name the computer users in a short time. People love this brand because of its useful products. My Screen Recorder of this company is a useful computer screen recording utility.

Short Review of My Screen Recorder

The features of this product are quite impressive, this company has released the Pro version of it. It is available for impressive pricing. This version has more advanced features. Here are the features and pricing of both these Deskshare products:

my screen recorder review

Basic Features & Facilities

My Screen Recorder will help you to record on screen activities and save those as video files. The outputs of this software will be saved as either AVI or WMV files. For some videos, mouse cursor movement is very important. That is why this product records the mouse cursor also. If multiple monitor system is available on your computer, this product will let you record the selected window. If necessary, it can also record the audios. You can also add your voice or other sounds using the microphone. My Screen Recorder will let you choose the size of the videos. With the help of built in media player, you can easily play the recordings.

Professional Edition Features

Professional version of the My Screen Recorder has more advanced features along with the above items. Hidden mode recording capability is one of those facilities. This product supports 4 output formats of for the recordings. Those formats are, Flash, MP4, WMV and AVI. Sometimes, you may not want to let other people watch the videos of your activities on a computer. In those cases, you can use this software to make those password protected. This product can also be used for making the HTML pages where the videos will be embedded. After saving the recordings in one format, you can convert those into another one very easily. The My Screen Recorder Pro is helpful for joining and splitting the videos. For all the videos you don’t have to use the same mouse cursor any more. It supports various mouse cursors. The Automation facilities have made this product more amazing. It can record any website and application automatically according to necessity.

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Pricing of These Products

For purchasing the My Screen Recorder, you don’t have to pay much. When this post was written, the price of this one was only 49.95 USD. But the professional version of this solution has so many additional features. That is why the price of that product is little higher. You have to pay 99.95 USD for that one. Each of these products is perfectly compatible with all the versions of Windows OS including Windows 8 and 10. And free trial versions of these are also available. My Screen Recorder is much ahead than the other similar tools considering the features and pricing.