Microsoft Windows 7 Review : Operating System for Professionals

It is seen that the Windows operating system is used by most of the computer users of all over the world. Various versions of Windows operating system are the main and most popular product of Microsoft Corporation.

Each of the versions of Windows is more advanced than the previous version. Due to advanced and smart features these products has achieved huge acceptance. Windows 7 is one of the most exclusive versions of this operating system.

windows 7

Review of Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has released some unique versions of Windows operating system. Most importantly the computer users all over the world have accepted all the version of this product of Microsoft in a very high rate and appreciation. It can be said that the Windows 7 is one of the most popular versions of this operating system among all the versions. Some unique and new features of this version are the main reasons of its huge popularity.

Why to Choose Windows 7

One of the latest features of any advanced computer is the 64 bit processor and to use those latest computers you must use an operating system which can work with 64 bit processor perfectly. That is why you can use the Windows 7 operating system which has the program to support any of the 32 or 64 bit machines.

Some very useful tools are added to this operating system. One of the considerable useful tools can be the speech recognition tool using which you can run your computer with your speech. So, there is no need to use the keyboard all the times. Another important tool feature of this version of Windows is it will allow you to use the magnifier, which will help you to magnify anything on your screen to see that larger in size. This tool is very much important for the computer users who have low vision. On Screen keyboard is another very useful feature and this will minimize the use of a computer keyboard. If your computer keyboard has some problems or you do not prefer to use the computer keyboard for writing any data then you can use the On Screen Keyboard.

Exclusive Features of This Product

By using the aero desktop manager you can manage your desktop more easily and quickly. There you will see various options to change the desktop images, icons, color, etc. Windows Action Centre will help you to solve any problem that you will face to use your computer with Windows 7.

windows 7 review

Various types of editions like Starter, Professional, Ultimate, etc. are available on this product of Microsoft. You can choose the right edition based on your computer quality and your necessity. Each of the editions is very easy to install and you will feel no problem while installing this. Windows 7 can install to both the 32 bit and 64 bit machines.

Aero Shake is the latest and innovative feature of the Windows 7 version. If you have opened so many windows to the computer screen and if it is necessary to focus on any single window then you can use Aero Shake option. For this feature, you can click on the desired window and shake your mouse. Then that window will open separately and all the others will minimize.

Some Major Advantages of This Product

If you have opened multiple applications and it is difficult to close those then you can use the Task Bar option. It is faster and easier than the previous versions of Windows. You can see the list of all the running applications and close those very easily. System tray is also very useful feature of this operating system. No matter what kind of processor you use for your computer, you can use Windows 7 very easily. Other requirements for installing this operating system are not so high. Hibernate option is added to the power option and you can use this option to force your PC to memorize the previous windows before shutting down and when you will open your computer again, you will find those windows ready.