Microsoft Office 2013 Review : Use the Latest Office Applications

One important thing is common to all of the products of Microsoft and that thing is all the products of this software corporation are very easy to use.

Though Microsoft provides several types of products, Office suite is one of the best products of this company. Microsoft has released some versions of Office suite one after another. Office 2013 is the newest version of this suite and it has so many attractive features.

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Overview of Microsoft Office 2013

If you check the list of world’s most popular software and operating systems, then the majority of that list will be the product of Microsoft. Office 2013 is the suite which is one of the most popular products by Microsoft. It is also one of the most common suites used by the computer users all over the world. It is the advanced version of the Office 2010 and various types of new and advanced features are added here.

Why Office 2013 is Friendlier

If you do not have any experience of using Office Suite then good news for you can be Office 2013 is really very easy to use. You will face no problem while installing this suite to your computer. If you use Windows 8 to your PC, then this suite is perfect for you. After installing this on your PC all the applications of this suite will be added to the start menu of your PC. So you will be able to open any of the applications very easily. Microsoft has included the Ribbon facility for the applications of this suite. That is why you will be able to handle all the applications very easily.

Attractive Features

This suite is perfectly integrated with some online services and applications like the Skype, Hotmail and most importantly SkyDrive. For that reason you can save the documents directly to the online storage. White and brighter background of all the applications of this suite has made those applications more attractive. Read Mode is added to the Word application and that is why that application can be used not only for writing, but also for opening and reading the documents is perfect fashion. Various mark tools are added to this application. So when you will read any document, you can mark the important texts with different colors.

The Excel application of this suite is easier to use than the previous versions. After completing your documents, you can use the “Save as” option to save those to the right folders as required formats.

office 2013 review

If you look at the features of this product then you will see that Microsoft has added some new features and improved some old features. This suite is perfectly suitable with the latest version of Windows operating system named Windows 8. After installing this suite you will find the shortcuts of all the applications of this suite to the Start Screen on your PC.

Advantages and Benefits

Ribbon facility has achieved huge popularity in the Office 2010 but in that suite the Ribbon facility was not available to all the applications. Keeping this in head Microsoft has added the Ribbon facility for all the applications of Office 2013 Suite. This suite has the default program to save the documents to the SkyDrive. That is why you can save your documents to the online storage. SharePoint will help you to connect with your friends and share your documents in a very easy way.

Most important things about this suite is you can install this suite not only to the computers, but also to the touch friendly devices. The Word application of this suite is more advanced and there are new modes added to the Word application. The Excel application is also very advanced to this suite. The “Save As” option will help you save your documents to the destination folder in the format you want. You can save your documents directly to PDF format. Microsoft Office 2013 can be integrated with the Skype, Hotmail and some other applications.