MacKeeper Review, Protect Your Mac & Optimize Performance

MacKeeper is the software company which provides many types of tools for the computers. You can use and take the advantages of the tools to make your PC secured, fast, optimized and clean.

Different types of PC tools can be found in the list of products of MacKeeper. You can get Security tools, PC optimization and cleaning tools, data control tools, etc. if you visit the website of this company.

MacKeeper Products and Review

This tool can provide strong protection to your Mac from all types of viruses. It will ensure your safe browsing so that all the dangerous websites will be blocked by this software before your visit. You can also prepare a list for blocking. This tool is suitable for all the browsers of Mac. Anti-phishing program of this software is very strong also. It can also block all the malwares and spyware. It will check all the emails for finding out the email threats.


MacKeeper Internet Security

This is one of the finest products of MacKeeper. This tool is capable of blocking all types of viruses of Macs very efficiently. It is also suitable for work with all types of browsers of your Mac device and for this it will stop the loading of the harmful websites. The malwares and the spywares will be blocked also by this software. This Internet Security tool is able to stop the spams and all the email threats also. It will protect your identity when you will use the internet.

This software is very helpful if your Mac device is lost because with the help of this software you will be able to know about the current location of your lost device. It will show you the location of your device among the entire world. If you become successful to find out your lost device, then you will also be able to catch the thief because it will capture the snapshot of the thief.

MacKeeper Anti-theft

This is an exclusive tool of MacKeeper brand which will help you to find out your lost device. You will be able to know easily about the exact location of your Mac device at any moment. Another advantage of this tool, it will record the snapshot of the thief when he will take your device away, so it will help you to catch the thief also.

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MacKeeper File Recovery

It is a tool of the category of data control. You can restore the deleted files with the help of this software. It will scan your PC and show you about which deleted files are restorable. From the list of the restorable files you can choose which you need. All kinds of audio, video and document files can be recovered by this tool. The time it will need to restore those will be dependent on the storage size of your PC.

Recovering the deleted files is very necessary sometimes because many of the files can be deleted accidentally. The File Recovery tool of MacKeeper is very efficient for finding out and restoring all the deleted files which can be recovered. It will automatically scan your computer and show you which files can be restored and then you just have to select the right one. It is capable to restore the files of any formats.

MacKeeper Backup & Fast Cleaner

This Backup tool can create backup files for all of the files on your computer. You can select the schedule following which it will make its operation automatically. Not only it will create the backup for the files on the internal drives on your PC, but also the files on the external hard drives and USB flash drives which are connected to your PC. This software will clean your PC by deleting the unnecessary sections of the applications which are installed on your PC, all the cache, the system log and the languages which are unused.