Linode Review : Get Pricing of Cloud Hosting and Linux Servers

The cloud hosting companies are various types of. Some companies offer all types of hosting solutions. On the other hand, some companies offer specific type of facilities. From the Linode, you will be able to get very strong cloud hosting facilities.

You may think about what are the advantages of the cloud hosting. Actually, cloud hosting is very important for making the websites professional and accessible. The companies which provide this type of facilities, offers various offers with their services. The services and facilities which are offered by Linode have been summarized below.

Linode Cloud Hosting Overview and Features

The type of the storage and the processor quality are the two indicators of the hosting solution. With every plan of this company you will get very efficient storage which is of SSD type. The network used for these services are also very speedy. In the cloud market, various types of processors are being used by different companies. Linode uses the best quality processor for its services. Very easy to use control panel is another very impressive benefit offered by this company. Everything related to your hosting solution can be controlled very easily using the control panel. This company has chosen three different regions of the world to place 6 different datacenters. Each of the datacenters is very strong. Rescue mode, cloning and scaling facilities are the other advantages of this hosting of this company.

Linode Cloud Hosting

Supports Various Add-Ons

The Linode will allow you to use various types of add-ons for more efficiency. One of the most important add-ons is the Backups. With this tool, you will able to create the backup of your entire website. NodeBalancers is another important one which is very efficient in distributing the large numbers of traffics. To detect the running service quality of this company you can use the Longview.

Linode Cloud Hosting review

Attractive Pricing Plans

Linode always think for all types of customers. That is why they provide various small and large plans. So you can choose their products for your personal websites as well as large business sites. Linode 1GB is the smallest plan offered by this company. The 1GB is the size of the offered RAM of this pack. 1 Core CPU, 24 GB storage and 2TB bandwidths are the other advantages of this plan. The monthly price of this plan is only 10 USD as of 01 December 2014.

The 8GB plan can be considered as the medium size plan offered by this company. This plan includes 192GB storage with 8TB bandwidth. 80 USD is the monthly price of this plan. The largest plan is the Linode 96GB which includes the CPU of 20 cores. Very large 1920 GB storage and 20 TB bandwidth have made this plan so powerful. To enjoy this plan, you have to pay 960 USD per month.