iPage Web Hosting Amazing Review : Get Exclusive Pricing

Some of the hosting facilities providing companies are very popular all over the world. Some of those are not highly popular or popular at all. iPage is undoubtedly one of the most popular companies, which provides different types of hosting services to the client websites.

If you search for the reviews of this hosting providing company then you will find that most of the reviews on iPage are positive. So it can easily be understood that the iPage Hosting Solutions are highly reliable. Different types of hosting plans of this company are available. Some of these have been described here.

Hosting Plans and Features Offered by iPage

WP Starter and WP Essential are the two WordPress hosting plans offered by the iPage. Each of these two plans have some common features. WP Essential includes some additional and essential features. Both these plans include the customizable control panel which will let you take control over your entire websites very easily. Some important themes and plugins will install to your website. It will be installed when you activate the WordPress hosting plan of iPage.


WordPress Hosting Solution

Standard support will provide to the customers of the Starter plan.  The Essential solution is actually faster than the other solution. That is why it can be recommended for the business websites. Better security is also an advantage of this plan. The Starter and Essential plan is available for $3.75 and $6.95/month respectively as of October 2, 2014.

Virtual Private Servers of This Company

For the high performance hosting, you can also buy and use the virtual private servers (VPS). The important thing about this type of server is, you will feel comfortable to control with the suitable operating system. iPage uses high speed storages of these servers. It offers very easy and customizable migration facility. Very friendly customer support will offer to the customers of VPS hosting of this company. Basic, Business and Optimum are the three available packages offered by iPage. The basic package includes 40GB RAM and 1TB bandwidth for $19.99/month. The Business package includes 90GB RAM and 3TB bandwidth for $47.99/month. You can also purchase the Optimum package of $79.99/month to get 120GB storage with 4TB bandwidth.

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Very much Affordable Essential Plan

To host unlimited domains with proper storage and bandwidth, you can choose the Essential Web Hosting plan of the iPage company. Different free email accounts are included with this plan. All those tools which are needed by the beginners are also included here. It will offer you those elements which are very essential for marketing and creating online stores. The price of the iPage Essential Plan is only $1.89 per month as of 02 October 2014.