HostGator Review : Get Awesome Website Hosting Pricing

Not only various types of hosting services are provided by the HostGator Company but also it offers so many features with each of those services. From the discussion below, you will be able to understand why you can choose HostGator as the hosting provider of your websites.

The website hosting, dedicated servers and even the reseller service of this company are well accepted by the website owners and resellers all over the world. So why not you be one of the satisfied customers of HostGator!

Provided Hosting Facilities of HostGator

The features of the dedicated servers of this company are very high that you will enjoy using this all the time. For the dedicated servers, the hardware specification is very much needed because this indicates the effectiveness of the servers. Various types of Microsoft products and other software have been included with these products of HostGator. You can choose any of the plan for Windows or Linux dedicated servers. Basic and Standard plans for Windows Dedicated Servers are very popular the prices of these plans are $174 and $219 per month respectively. The first one offers 500GB Drives with 10TB Bandwidth, while, the other one offers 1000GB Drive with 15TB Bandwidth. Elite and Pro are the other plans for this product of HostGator. Similarly for the Linux Dedicated Servers, this company provides 4 different plans.


Managed Virtual Private Servers

If you want to enjoy the advantages of dedicated servers in your own style then you can choose any of the plans of the Managed VPS Hosting of the HostGator. With your virtual private server you will be able to provide hosting facilities to all your personal domains and subdomains. Backup and security facilities of this type of products of HostGator are also very much impressive. Among various available plans, the Snappy 2000 plan is very popular. It is available with 120GB disk space and 1.5TB bandwidth. The first month price of this plan is only $71.96 as of 23 November 2014. The first month price of the Snappy 4000 plan is only $103.96. It includes 165GB hard disk with 2TB bandwidth.

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Facilities for the Resellers

Do you want to earn money by providing hosting facilities to others? If your answer is yes, then you can buy the Reseller Web Hosting of the HostGator Company. No matter which plan of this type of hosting, you will choose, you will get some common facilities. The client management system is included with each of these and also those offer the site building and billing monitoring tools. Those can use for the hosting facilities for as many domains as you need. Aluminum is the lightest plan of Reseller Hosting of HostGator and its price is only $19.96 (for first month). This plan includes 50GB storage with 500GB bandwidth.