HippoVideo Review, Check Pricing of Marketing Platform

We know about different type of video marketing platforms. HippoVideo is one of these platforms. Unlike many others, this one is a complete solution. That is why, you don’t have to depend on any other tools after having this one.

HippoVideo Review and Features

Video marketing platforms are of various types. All these platforms cannot be considered as complete. A complete video marketing solution must offer a video generating, customizing, marketing, and boosting capabilities. HippoVideo has all these features. At the same time, this solution is an affordable one too. For this reason, I want to recommend this one to every new and experience video marketer. No previous experience is required to handle this one. Here are some of its major features and facilities:

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Video Marketing Tool

I have already mentioned that HippoVideo is a complete video marketing tool. It comes with every little tool that is necessary for. This solution will let you make every video more profitable. An HTML5 Video player is added to this product. This video player is very easily customizable. For example, you will be able to brand this video player with any logo. That means, this player itself will promote a business. It supports multiple themes. Similarly, you will be able to use custom domains, titles, thumbnails, and end screens. HippoVideo is capable of generating and utilizing different types of lead generation and CRM forms. It will also let you add the CTA Buttons, quizzes, and polls.

Impressive Pricing

After considering some of the video marketing features, you may have thought that HippoVideo is a costly solution. But actually, this solution has three different paid licenses. Each of these licenses is cost effective. The Starter License of this product can be bought by paying only 29 USD per month. It allows 60 minutes for every video. And, you will be able to deal with 10 videos with this license. HippoVideo Pro License is available for 49 USD per month. In every month, it supports importing 20 videos. Enterprise License of this video marketing platform has a monthly price of 99 USD, as per this post creating tie. It supports 30 different videos. And, it also allows two hours for each of these videos.

hippo video review

Generate Videos

This solution not only helps to boost the marketing of a video, but also helps to create different types of videos. That means, you don’t have to rely on any other tool to generate the contents. It allows to capture the videos by different ways. Even, it also supports the screen capturing facility. Generally, a video capturing tool cannot capture the audio. But, HippoVideo supports the HD quality audios. Different types of video editing tools are added to this solution. That is why, you will be able to show your creativity.