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At present situation, time is the most important thing to everybody. By hook or by crook people want to save time. If you are a business holder, you have to deal with so many people.

That means maintaining the appointments is very much essential for you. Similarly, to do lists, notes and other things should also be maintained. The EssentialPIM Pro can recommend for these tasks. It is a famous personal information management software. Desktop version of this software is very much popular. Similarly the Network and Cloud version are also well-known.

EssentialPIM Pro

Powerful Features of the EssentialPIM Pro

As the personal information management tool, the EssentialPIM Pro has all the necessary features. This product can handle the calendars finely. It will let you use various colors for marking different appointments. For this kind of product, the encryption facility is highly important. There should not be any doubt that the AES encryption facility is the one of the most powerful security systems. This one have been integrated with the EssentialPIM Pro. So when the computer is on or off, all the data will be highly protected. This software supports the global search and sticky notes facilities. Multi-user database option is another great advantage of this.

Pricing of EssentinalPIM Pro

This personal information management solution has three different paid editions. The desktop or portable edition of this product can enjoy by $39.95 only. This license can also use in two different PCs that you own. The Lifetime License of this product can purchase by $79.95 only. It includes lifetime update and support facilities. The Network Version of EssentialPIM Pro can enjoy by $59.95 for each installation. According to 12 October 2015, the price of the Lifetime License of Network Edition is only $99.95. The Cloud Version can enjoy by paying monthly or yearly. For the monthly subscription, you have to pay $1.99 for each month. On the other hand, for yearly plan, the necessary cost to you will be $19.95/year.

EssentialPIM Pro review

Comparison with Free Version

From the above discussion the features of the EssentialPIM Pro can be assumed. Here I have mentioned the feature of the Free Version. So you will be understood why the Pro edition is more powerful. The Free version of this product has the capability synchronize the data with the smartphones of Android and iOS platforms. No synchronization pack and encryption facility are included in this. It also do not provide the backup option. The EssentialPIM Free provides the various viewing and printing options of the calendars. But this product does not offer the filtering and customizing facilities. Similarly, this one can work with unlimited number of notes. But the notes of multiple tabs are not supported by this. This edition can deal with the unlimited number of email accounts. But email templates have not been included in this.