Email List Verify Review | Get Cool Pricing and Features

Without verifying an email list, it is a smart move to use that for any email campaign. There are some solutions which can verify bulk email lists. One of these solutions is the Email List Verify. It offers different ways of verifying the lists very efficiently.

Email List Verify Review & Features

Every online marketing campaign can affect by some traps. Similarly, an email campaign may be affected by some traps too. You have to find out these traps before occurring any harm your campaigns. At the same time, you have to minimize the bounce rate. For doing all these tasks, it is essential to use a powerful list verification tool like Email List Verify. This solution is strongly recommended for all types of small and large mailing campaigns. Different features and benefits are offered by this product. Some of these are:

Email List Verify

Removes Spam-Traps

Spams are very harmful for any kind of email campaign. For this reason, spam free email campaign should be executed. Email List Verify has some intelligent spam-trap indicators. From your lists, this tool can easily clean all the records which match with these spam-trap indicators. Similarly, duplicate email addresses in a list make that list less profitable. If there are some duplicates, your messages will go to some same addresses for multiple times. To solve this issue, Email List Verify is capable of removing the duplicates very efficiently. This solution has a very impressive list validator facility. It will help to find out some risky keywords in any email address.

Makes Profitable Lists

On a mailing list, there can be some addresses containing invalid domains. There is no necessity to keep these addresses in a list. After purchasing this product, you don’t have to find out and remove these addresses manually. Email List Verify has a very impressive domain validation checker facility. For this reason, it is capable of determining every address containing the invalid domain.

After determining, it will automatically remove these from your list. Similarly, this solution is capable of working against the addresses containing wrong syntax. Email List Verify has a rich complainer database. If any address matches with this database, then that will automatically be removed from your list.

Email List Verify review

Plans and Pricing

This solution can purchase on a monthly basis or a pay-as-you-go basis. I have mentioned the monthly pricing of this product. You have to pay only $139 in a month for dealing with 5000 verifications per day. For 15 thousand verification in a day, this solution will cost only $289. Similarly, only 389 USD should pay as per this post writing time to deal with 35 thousand daily verifications. For the 100 thousand verification in a day, you have to pay only 989 USD. Email List Verify has several pay-as-you-go plans and each of these is very attractive too.