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Some software utilities are very much necessary for all types of computer and mobile phones. For example, the antivirus tool is necessary no matter what type of device you use. Similarly, the data recovery solution is also mandatory.

Anytime your device or operating system that may be crushed. And you will lose all the necessary files. So it is the smartest decision to install a data restoring solution before that. Do Your Data Recovery can be your first choice.

Do Your Data Recovery Review

This powerful product is available for Windows and Mac computers. There are some amazing and cool features available of this software. For each of the platform, there are three different editions. Some of the editions are:

do your data recovery

Amazing Windows Edition

The Windows edition of the Do Your Data Recovery is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. Though this product is very powerful, it is very easy to use. Lost files of the computer hard disks, USB drives and other memory storages will be detected by it. No matter what is the lost data scenario, it will get those back very safely. Even the data lost from virus attack or powerful formatting will be brought back by the Do Your Data Recovery. The Professional Version of this product has multiple recovery modes. One of those is for normally deleted files and the other one is for accidentally deleted files.

Professional Version for Mac

Just like the Windows edition, the Mac edition of Do Your Data Recovery has three different versions. The Professional version is one of those. This product supports all the laptops and notebooks of Mac OS. Deleted files for known and unknown reasons will be restored by this software nicely. The lost volume recovery engine of this software is very impressive. Before restoring the data, you can check those using the preview option. It can deal with all types of files, images and documents. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac has very useful quick search option. So you can easily find out the desired files from the scan results. Normally the Mac software has a relatively complex user interface. But this one has very easy interface that will attract you all.

do your data recovery review

Totally Reasonable Pricing

Both the Windows and Mac edition of Do Your Data Recovery Professional was available for the same price. But at present the price of those are different. For the Windows version, you have to pay $49 only. And the Mac edition of this software is available for $69 as per 1 February 2016. Do Your Data Recovery also has the Enterprise and Technician editions for both Windows and Mac platforms. The Windows and Mac editions of the Enterprise edition are available for 219 and 199 USD respectively. And the Technician editions of both of these platforms are available for 249 USD only. The customer support team for this product will help you whenever you ask for.