DesktopServer Pricing, Get Review to Create Local WP Sites

If you visit the you will get the DesktopSever tool. This solution will let you handle a large number of WordPress sites very easily. No matter what your profession is, you must need to save your time at any cost. That is why this type of product will help you finely.

Features and Review of DesktopServer

For this tool, you don’t have to spend your time for dealing with the websites separately. This product can be considered as all in one solution. It is not that easy to talk about all the features of it in this short review. But it can be said that the following features are the main advantages of these solutions:


The Core Features

Some of the features are common is both the DesktopServer Limited and Premium Editions. Those features are really very useful. Both these products can deal with WordPress multi-sites. For the copying of the websites, these products are very impressive. These support the domain name mapping and virtual hosts creation tasks. Some people love the Windows platform and some prefer the Macintosh because of better security. The good thing is DesktopServer of ServerPress is compatible with both of those platforms. Apache and MySQL Servers are included in this solution.

Totally Comfortable Pricing

Suppose you do not have the DesktopServer. Now let’s see how much time and how many tools you may need to handle multiple sites. You have to import and edit various configuration files. For the security system of the sites, various tools should be imported. And if you do not know about the programming, you have to higher professional programmer. So much of your money will be spent. But to get the DesktopSever Premium, only 99 USD is enough. This pricing is according to 18 January 2016. So it is best to purchase the Premium Edition though the Limited Version also offers some impressive features.

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Advantages of Premium Editions

There are some reasons why the Premium Edition of DesktopServer is highly recommendable. For the archiving of the WordPress sites, you don’t have to rely on some other tools. This advanced product will let you do so with ease. For any kind of WordPress websites, it is very important to use the backup software. And you have to rely on any well known solution like BackupBuddy, InfiniteWP, and Duplicator etc. the DesktopServer will let you import any of those solutions on your website. You may know that the PHP debugging requires the trace utility. This software will offer you that tool. One of the biggest advantages of the Premium Edition of this software is it can work with unlimited websites. Adobe Dreamweaver plugin is a very important tool for any website. It can enhance the features of that tool make the targeted site more feature rich.