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Zend Server Pricing: Get Review for Professional PHP Distribution

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Avail amazing Zend Server review and pricing served here. Get the professional PHP distribution with advanced value add capabilities.

For the commercial based activities in this modern time, we are getting dependent on the computer system and the smart phone devices. These devices are getting populated with the application system for performing various tasks. In the application developing section, the PHP based terms can be applied. To develop the PHP based applications, we can rely on Zend. Zend offers many programs in many cases. Among all of the programs, Zend Server is a complete application platform for the PHP section.

Zend Server

Zend Server and the Full Overview

Zend Server is considered as a professional level PHP stack. It is defined as one of the best PHP distributors with the needed updates of the advanced level features by which you can optimize the needed performance, productivity, reliability and scalability. Zend Server manages more than 80 PHP based extensions and it also supports Apache, IIS Web servers and NGINX. Zend Server is mainly delivered as a complete package for the leading Windows distributors, Linux distributor and so on. It can support almost all the PHP codes and it provides the deepest insights in the application case and other framework like Drupal, Magento, and WordPress etc.

Zend Server review

Why Users Trust

The Z-Ray vision of this affords the way to increase the code quality as well as the performance. Besides, the job queuing system and caching format for the performance boosting case can be maintained through this. After that, it monitors the activities of the code system and affords the best analysis report. The sequential activities afford the system to manage the best performance and reliability. Moreover, it is affordable for the multi-server based management system.

Pricing of Products under Zend Server

Zend Server with Z-Ray for the Development: The price for this packages starts from $20.00/month. But the billed will be calculated in an annual system. This package is suitable to get the overview about the performance of the available code and the developing case. This package can be integrated with Jenkins, Chef, like Git and so on. Besides, the environment of the application lifecycle can be observed through this.

Zend Server with the Z-Ray for the Production: To bring the code from the development case to the production case, this can be applied. Within this package, you can monitor the applications to check out the unexpected performance. Besides, in the case of performance optimization, this can be used.

New Features Included

The application under this can be used for the site of Drupal, WordPress, and Magento etc. Besides, the mobile or web based services can be debugged with Z-Ray live. After that, the production snapshot through the URL insight can be maintained through this. Moreover, it is supported for the PHP version of 5.6.

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