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Zend Guard Review | Get Pricing for the PHP Encoding

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Check review and pricing of Zend Guard provided here. Get the PHP encoding and obfuscation solution to protect your application.

The modern technology is a great blessing in this time by which we can enrich our live according to our wish. It affords us the facilities to use many types of activities with the best security mood. With the use of the smart phone system and the related platform, the use of the application is also increasing. That’s why; the PHP based applications are also getting populated. After developing any app with the PHP coding system, we need to ensure the protection system by which we can get the ultimate security mood of our application. To allow this system, we can trust on Zend Guard.

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The Activities and Review of Zend Guard

This solution is mainly used to encode the PHP coding section and protect the available applications. From the unlicensed based using case and the reverse engineering case, it is very supportive.

Main Activities Issued by this

Zend Guard offers the limitations of the unauthorized duplication system and the use of the apps. Under this program, you can ensure the system to provide the product to the licensed users within the available conditions. Besides, Zend Studio affords the way to maintaining the flexible licensing terms by which the available software products can be developed in an attractive way. Besides, it also increases the conversion rate from the evaluation to the licensed product. After that, it holds the system to prevent others from changing any code by allowing the un-editable conditions. Here, any change in the coding section will corrupt the application.

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Encode the PHP Applications

Generally, the developers afford a lot of time to develop any app. After that, the developers need to use the effective conditions of Zend Guard by which the coding section can be encoded from the case of unauthorized modification. The obfuscation technology offers the system to manage the reverse engineering section and the copyright infringement. In the encoding system of any code, the source code of PHP will be converted into the machine readable phase as an intermediate platform. Generally, this format is quite complex for any person to read and manage it to convert it back into the main source code. In this system, if any person sees the source code, then s/he won’t be able to change anything from the code.

Resources of Zend Guard: It offers the online documentation system as a resource option. After this, it offers the release notes and the datasheet in the resource category.

Price of Zend Guard

According to the subscription format, it offers two categories. For the subscription category on 1 year license, you need to pay $600. But if you choose the subscription package for 3 year license, then you need to pay $1,620.

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