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YSpy Review | Avail Pricing for the Video Research Tool

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Check YSpy review and pricing provided here. Avail the video research tool that will help you to spy on competitors and hijack traffic.

We can divide all types of software or tools into two main categories. Those categories are offline and online. Many companies are there to provide traditional offline tools for computer users.


Features and Review of YSpy

Nowadays, most of the brands are providing some amazing software for managing online world. CreateAutomate is one of those companies. It offers only a few products, but all of those are very useful. One of those products is YSpy which is considered as very powerful video research tool. The main task of this tool is to spy on competitors. Let’s have a look at its top features and facilities:

Hijack the Traffic

There are many ways to hijack traffic of competitor videos. But before that, you have to know who those competitors are. YSpy can do this task very efficiently. It can do research on YouTube to find out such information. For doing that, it depends on keywords that you provide. It can also deal with URLs of various channels for this task. There are some competitors which cannot be determined by ordinary tools. But this one can do this task perfectly. After getting those information, this tool can easily place various video ads on those. Whenever a subscriber or visitor will watch those videos, those ads will be shown to them. That is how, YSpy confirms hijacking traffic from competitors. For ultra-targeted ad placement, this tool is time saving and more efficient.

YSpy review

Pricing and Guarantee

Though YSpy has come with so many impressive features, the price of this tool is very attractive. As per 16 February 2017, license cost of it is only 47 USD. Actually, you can consider this price by half because the same license can be installed on two different computers. After purchasing this product, money back guarantee will be available for 7 days. It can increase return on investment (ROI) very quickly. That is why, spending money for it is not a bad option. Another advanced feature has made YSpy more attractive. It can ensure that ads will be shown to buyers when they will intend to buy. That is why, it is possible to get huge revenue very quickly.

Other Necessary Features

Along with all main features, YSpy also has come additional features and facilities. For example, it has the very useful preview feature. When you will create large ads campaigns, this feature will be necessary. Before confirming campaigns, preview option will let you assume perfection. All videos will not get same momentum all the times. This product can detect those videos which care getting more momentum. YSpy can also detect tags that are used by competitors for their videos. It is fact that, some channels have very little subscribers. Those will not provide more traffic. That is why, this tool can count subscriber numbers before selecting any channel for ad campaigns.

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