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Yay Images Discount | Grab Amazing Coupon in 2021

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15% Cashback on Yay Images

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Purchase any license of Yay Images with ‘Redeem’ and then have 15% cashback. Please see Yay Images cashback picture below for this.

Yay Images Discount

Enjoy amazing Yay Images discount as per YI image.

We cannot create attractive presentations without using amazing images. Similarly, we need to use images for various types of reports and blogs. Many people face problems while trying to find out quality images. Yay Images are the source of different stock images. So you can take help from this source to get desired contents. Enjoy all the YI functionalities with the discount coupon. The Yay Images coupon will come in handy.

A Short Review of Yay Images

Many marketers and professionals are using Google for finding out desired images. But most of those contents are not of very good quality. Some of those are available with watermarks and logos. Hence, these are not perfect for using in any kind of corporate presentations and reports. By considering all these facts, Yay Images provide different stock photos for professional uses. By paying very little money, you can access to the unlimited list of photos. Here are some main features and facilities of this solution:

Impressive Search Features

From the Yay Images, you can get different types of photos by using its powerful search features. It has a huge collection of celebrity images. These contents can only be used for editorials, but not for commercial uses. It provides an impressive WordPress Plugin. You can use that plugin to find out any type of photo. Customization and optimization can also be done with the help of this plugin. After purchasing Yay Images, there will be no need to take help from Photoshop. It has built in editor for adding filters, texts, and some other things to the photos.

Yay Images

Affordable Pricing Facility and Discount of YI

Stream License is the smallest license of Yay Images and it is available for only 9.90 USD per month excluding the discount. It will let you download only one image per month. Mini Plan of this solution offers 5 image downloads in every month. The cost for using this license for one month is only 19 USD. More Plan of this solution is even more cost effective. According to 6 May 2017, monthly cost of this product is only 29 USD and it offers 10 monthly photo downloads. The most popular option for Yay Images is the Mighty Plan which is offered for only 49 USD per month.

You can download up to 50 photos per month by using this license. Max Plan can be purchased by paying 99 USD per month. It supports maximum 1000 photo downloads in each month. Users of all these plans will be allowed to make free streaming for unlimited photos.

Some Additional Features

Yay Images has achieved huge popularity for some additional features. It has a visual search facility. That means, you can get stock images by searching with rough photos. This solution has come with impressive project folder creating facility. For each of the projects, separate folders can be created by using this solution. Sometimes, you may need to find photos of some individuals or groups. In those cases, you can easily use the People Search option of this solution.

In conclusion, please make a purchase of the solution by taking advantage of our coupon. Enjoy this Yay Images discount today.

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