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YArooms Coupon | Enjoy Amazing Discount and Review

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25% Cashback on any YArooms Plan

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For various reasons, you may need to call meetings. Each of these may need to be arranged in different time on different locations. Booking rooms for those on specific data and time is very important. Instead of doing this task manually, you can use YArooms to complete it more efficiently. Get the useful YAR with our coupon. Enjoy this YArooms discount in 2021.

Review and Features of YArooms

Scheduling software are of various kinds. But there are only few tools which can offer meeting room scheduling facility. But this facility is very much essential for small, medium, and large organizations. This kind of tools offers an easy way to book and manage meeting rooms. For this reason, mixing up of time and place will not be happening anymore. Now the thing is, all available solutions for this purpose are not equally efficient. YArooms is the first choice of many users for its amazing features and reasonable pricing. Main features and facilities of this amazing system are as follows:

Some Main Features

Amazing availability is one of the best features of YArooms. This product has the Quick Book feature. That is why, it will always be available to your home screen. That is why, dealing with data and location will be very easy. This solution supports a different number of users. And it will help you to assign different responsibilities to those users. Each of the meeting rooms may have some owners. Approval of those owners will be required for accessing the meetings. Booking of a room is very easy with this tool. It offers Room Door app, from where the current status of the targeted rooms can be stored. For all these features, YArooms is strongly suggested to manage worldwide and local campaigns.


Pricing and Coupon of YAR

Four different plans are offered for YArooms. Each of these are available with reasonable pricing. Starter Plan of this product can be enjoyed by paying only $29 per month. This license is for only 10 users. Office Plan is comparatively larger than Starter. It is offered for 100 different users and it is available for only $59 per month excluding the coupon. Sometimes, you may target more users. In those cases, Corporate Plan can be suggested because it can deal with maximum 500 users. The monthly cost of this product is only 159 USD. Here pricing has been mentioned by following annual paying method as per April 24, 2017.

YArooms also has Pay As You Go Plan. For each meeting it charges only 0.3 USD, but at least 5 USD should be the bill. This plan supports 500 users. Trial version for each of these licenses is available too.

Some Other Facilities

Sometimes, you may need to integrate meeting room scheduling solution with Microsoft Outlook. That is why, YArooms is also available as Outlook plugin. That is why, necessary data will be synchronized with Outlook very easily. Responsive user interface is another very good feature of this product. It can be accessed from web browsers, smartphones, and tablets without problems. Similarly, this tool is also compatible with LDAP and iCal.

So, please purchase the cool room booking software with our discount. Hopefully, the YArooms coupon impressed you.

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