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WP Offload Media Coupon | Get Cool Discount in 2021

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10% Cashback on S3

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Buy any WP Offload Media license with our link and get 10% cashback. It includes any lincese: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Adamantium.

Please see following WP Offload S3 image below for this cashback system.

WP Offload Media Coupon

Get incredible WP Offload Media coupon. Please see the WPOM image for the discount.

Creating a site and adding so many contents are not enough to make a professional site. You have to maintain a good speed of the site. That is why, WP Offload Media should be used. It will help to store various contents from your site to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces.

Review of the WP Offload Media

Suppose, you want to make your WordPress sites content rich. In doing so, that site must have so many contents. But, due to the shortage of storage, that site will become very slow. A visitor may need to wait for some minutes to access a content.

They will become annoyed and leave your site with a bad image about it. For this reason, I suggest to use the WP Offload Media. This one will store your contents to Amazon S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces. And, these contents will be provided from those sources. As a result, the desired site will be faster. Avail the magnificent WPOM features with our discount coupon. The WP Offload Media discount will be really helpful. Some major features of this plugin are as follows:

Ease of Use

WP Offload Media works silently. You just have to start its operation once. Then it will start storing the medial library items to Amazon S3. There is no need to start the operation from the beginning if you pause it. It has an ability to resume its operation from the position it was stopped. WP Offload Media also helps to manage your cloud storage. There is no need to go to that storage manually. It can be done very easily from the WordPress medial library.

Remove Any File

Sometimes, there can be various unnecessary or outdated items to the S3 server. There is no need to download that from that server and delete that. This software will allow you to remove that from there directly. We know that, there can be different buckets in a server. WP Offload Media will allow you to copy or move any item among these buckets.

WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media Coupon and Pricing

There are five paid licenses for the WP Offload Media, formerly known as WP Offload S3. The Bronze License of this product is available for only 59 USD excluding the coupon. It is able to deal with 2 thousand medial library items. Silver License of this product can be bought by paying only 99 USD. This one is capable of storing 6 thousand media library items. Both these licenses offer the basic features only.

With some advanced features, the Gold edition is available. To purchase this one, you have to pay only $199, as per 13 October, 2018. Platinum License is another multisite supported plan. It is capable of dealing with 40000 media items. Its price is only $249. Similarly, the WP Offload Media Adamantium is available for 399 USD. This one will store 100 thousand media library items. All these licenses have one year software update facility.

Therefore, get the tool for offloading the media of yours to Amazon S3 or also DigitalOcean Spaces with our discount. Grab the WP Offload Media coupon.

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