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Work Examiner Discount: Get Coupon on Internet Monitoring Software

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Work Examiner Standard

Work Examiner Professional

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Work Examiner Discount

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You have to provide an internet facility to your workplace. Every employee must have an access to that internet facility. But if you want to maintain the productivity, their internet usage should be monitored. Work Examiner will help to do this important task very efficiently.

Work Examiner Review and Features

Two overlapping problems are related to providing the internet facility in a work environment. Firstly, you cannot ignore this service. And secondly, the employees can misuse this service and waste their time. For this reason, the total productivity of that work environment can be affected. An efficient internet monitoring solution can be used to solve this major problem. Work Examiner is a strongly recommendable software for this task. Get the recommended WE with our discount. The Work Examiner coupon is expected to come in handy. This product comes with so many important features. Some major features of this product are:

Advanced Website Tracking

One of the finest features of Work Examiner is it can track the websites that are visited by your employees. It can also find out every activity that is done very every employee by using the internet connection. This software can track and provide reports on different terms. For example, you can get the tracking report on a computer-wise. Similarly, a building or department wise reports can also be provided by this software. Some ordinary internet monitoring tools are also available. These tools can track the visited websites along with the visiting time. Work Examiner can also do so. As an efficient tool, it can also track the duration spent on each of these sites by each of your employees. You can also know about every file that is downloaded by every internet user.

Work Examiner

Screenshot Capturing Tool

Many people spend a big amount to purchase a screen capturing tool. But, you don’t have to do that. Work Examiner provides a very effective screen capturing program. This program can capture the screen of any employee’s desktop instantly. Some useful live refresh modes have made this program more powerful. Another important thing is this software can take the screenshots of multiple computers at a time. That is why, monitoring so many employees at a time is possible now.

Work Examiner Discount and Pricing

Work Examiner has two different paid editions. The Standard Edition of this product is available for only $60 for up to two units without the discount code. If you purchase more than that, then this unit cost will be reduced. This edition can monitor maximum 40 different computers. It provides only one local console. On the other hand, Work Examiner Professional supports unlimited remote consoles. It can monitor as many computers as you want. For 1-19 client licenses of this Professional Edition, you have to pay only $60 per unit. After that, this unit cost will be reduced. This advanced software is useful to deal with a hierarchical organizational structure.

Hence, get the top internet monitoring software at a cheaper price with our coupon. We believe that you are going to enjoy the Work Examiner discount.

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