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WiredTree Review and Features of the Solution

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Please note that the LiquidWeb has acquired WiredTree and the old brand name is longer used.

The Full Review of WiredTree

The activities of our everyday life are totally connected with the online system. By depending on the online system, we can arrange all types of task specially the communication based task. In the online section, the presence of the web section is a needed one factor. To arrange the web industry with full functions, we need to assure the hosting system. In the hosting category, we can find some common topics like managed dedicated hosting and the VPS hosting.

To assure the functions in this category, we can depend on WiredTree. This was formed in 2006 with a view to offer the standard services in the VPS hosting services. The managed hosting services can be assured with the flexible environment with the touch of WiredTree.


The Core Level Functions

WiredTree always tries to assure the best functions in the managing process of the innovative networking sector and the server management system. All the advanced level technologies are available here by which you can get the best support in the facilities. According to the need of the business section, it tries to provide the best solution in the server management system.

The Products of WiredTree

Managed VPS Hosting: There are a lot of variations in the category of the server system. But the VPS system gives the flexible opportunity with the dedicated server management process. Here, you will get such a massive CPU power system that, you can organize the server settings in a simple mood. Under this, you will get two options which are Pure SSD VPS and the SSD Accelerated VPS. Under the first option, you can get the best performance with the highest performance in the CMS system and the blogging system. Besides, this can be applied in the e-commerce based site and the forum section also. In the Accelerated VPS section, you can get the highest disk space with the fastest storage system.

Managed Hybrid Server (Massive Power): This server system is composed of powerful VPS settings and the effective CPU management process. Besides, the faster input or output management process and the maximum disk space option are also available here. It assures the SuperMicro server system with the dedicated IPs settings.

Dedicated Server (Total Control)

This dedicated server system offers the users the opportunity to control the server with own choice and the settings. The full control is operated from the user’s section here. Here, the OS system is operated by the Linux based. Here, the monitoring system of the server is also available.

Supporting section: WiredTree is always supportive according to the need of the users. To control any option or the setting, you can ask for the help from the online section of WiredTree.

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