Winsent Messenger Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Review screenshot

Winsent Messenger Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Review

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Internet messaging service has been invented many years ago. We normally use this kind of communication service for global communication. But inside an organization or small area, we can use separate messaging system. This kind of system is called LAN messaging. Winsent Messenger is a software which can be used for providing messaging facilities among users of a LAN. Enjoy all the services of the software with the discount coupon. The Winsent Messenger coupon is expected to be really helpful.

Review of the Winsent Messenger

Inside an organization, local area network or LAN is used for more secured and private communication. Normally this network is used for sharing necessary files. But sometimes, you may need to establish messaging facilities among colleagues or employees too. In such cases, Winsent Messenger will be very helpful. There are a few other solutions which can offer this functionality. But among those, this tool is very efficient and powerful. It offers following features and facilities:

Instant Messaging Facility

Textual messages can be exchanged with the help of Winsent Messenger software. Sent messages will be reached to the receiving end instantly just like other instant messaging systems. Not only messages, but also notifications can be sent by this software to. That means, you can send instant notification to any group of employees of your organization very easily. Actually, this software is suitable for all types of organizations. But it is strongly recommended for small and medium size offices and organizations.

Winsent Messenger provides very easy to use interface. That interface looks very simple, but all necessary elements have been added there. That also provides some configurable hotkeys. Active directory is another impressive feature of this product. For this feature, you can easily create contact list among a network.

Winsent Messenger

Top Class Compatibility

Winsent Messenger is fully compatible with Windows Messenger Service and MS WinPopup. For this impressive feature, messaging among computers of any of these services is possible. Similarly, this powerful tool is also compatible with terminal server and all kinds of Windows OS. For this reason, communication with this is very easy. Even it does not need help from any kind of dedicated server.

Pricing and Discount of WM

Mainly five types of licenses are available for Winsent Messenger. Single User License of this product can be purchased with only $12.98 as per the date of writing this post. You can also purchase the Family License of it by paying only $29.98 excluding the discount. If you have only a few users, then Limited Site License is perfect. If it is purchased for maximum 9 users, then per unit price will be only 9.90 USD. Similarly, for more than 50 licenses, per unit cost is only 3.90 USD. Sometimes, you may need to purchase this for huge number of users. For this task, Unlimited Site License is suitable and it is available for only 499 USD. Winsent Worldwide License is available for 1500 USD. Technical support is available with all these licenses.

So, please grab this instant messaging software with the coupon. Hopefully, the Winsent Messenger discount will satisfy you.

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