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Windows 8 Review | Avail Pricing for the Operating System

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Check Windows 8 review and pricing provided here. Avail the operating system offered by Microsoft which is smart, fast and effective.

Day by day the quality of the devices is being more improved and that is why it is very important to use the latest operating system to run those devices more comfortably. Microsoft always concerns about their products and this company releases new versions of Windows operating system based on the latest devices. Windows 8 is the new version of the operating system provided by Microsoft and it is very smart, fast and effective.

Windows 8

Overview of Windows 8

There are so many operating systems which need hours to be installed to the computers. But Windows 8 is very fast that you will be able to install this in only some minutes. No matter the processor of your computer 32 bit or 64 bit, this operating system can work with that very beautifully. The most appealing thing about Windows 8 is the new user interface. For the tiles based designing of the start menu, this operating is very touch friendly. You can add all the important shortcuts as tiles to the start menu and easy to the necessary destination in quick time.

Why to Choose This Product

You can change the default colour of your Windows and make your PC more colourful and gorgeous. Unlike the other operating system, the control panel of Windows 8 has no difficulty at all. Very user friendly operating system on it will provide so many options for the ease of use and personalisation. Speech recognition system can easily be used with your PC if you use Windows 8. You will be able to use this system to control your PC with your voice command.

The Multiple Monitors support is another nice and improved feature provided by this operating system. Visual resolution of your computer screen will be maximized by it and that is why you can play large games and multimedia files perfectly. This operating system provides of two types of on screen keyboard; one of which is the general keyboard and another one is friendly for touch.

Windows 8 review

Why Windows 8 is Unique

We all know that the Microsoft is the most renowned software company in the world and this company releases operating systems in the name Windows. This operating system has some versions which have released by Microsoft one after another. After huge popularity of Windows 8 and considering the popularity of Tablets and Smartphones Microsoft has released touch friendly version of Windows named the Windows 8. This product of Microsoft is one of the most popular operating system.

Special Features of this Product

Start Screen is one of the newest features provided by this operating system. To the start screen you will find various types of shortcuts and highlight bars. You can remove and add any number of shortcuts also. So, this facility will save your time. Most interesting thing is you can use this version of Windows not only to your computer but also to the touch friendly devices. It is highly recommended for use in both the 32 and 64 bit machines because it can work with those very efficiently.

Snap multitasking is another important and innovative feature of Windows 8 for which you can easily run two applications at a time and open those side by side to your screen. The control panel provided by this operating system is more advanced and friendly to the users. There are so many options are added to the control panel and that is why you can personalize your PC very easily. Windows 8 is also very friendly to the multiple monitors. It supports USB 3.0 perfectly.

Windows Media Centre will be provided by this operating system after the installation process. You can open almost all types of media files with the help of Windows Media Player. When you will open the drives on your computer, then you will get a bar to the upper side of the screen and to the bar there will be so many shortcuts and options like new folder, cut, copy, delete, etc. So, you will be able to use your computer more easy.

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