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WinCatalog Discount: Enjoy Nice Coupon on The Software

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20% Cashback on WinCatalog

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Buy Personal and Professional license using link below and get 20% cashback. Please see details as the WinCatalog image below.

WinCatalog Personal

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Enjoy the cool WinCatalog discount as per the WC coupon image.

Review of WinCatalog

With everyday work activities, it can be quite a hassle to organize and maintain files in the computer. For purposes such as this, there is disk cataloger, which helps in organizing files and disks easier. However, not all such disk cataloger are operative as some turned out to have compatibility issues. One highly recommended software for disk catalog is WinCatalog. This WinCatalog provides some of the most efficient and effective technological tools in order to handle file organization. This software is compatible with Windows XP along with all the other versions up to Windows 10. If you liked the WC features, the purchase with the discount coupon. The WinCatalog coupon is going to be useful. Let’s look at some of the features provided:

Various Format Detection

WinCatalog has the ability to obtain information of files, pictures, videos and music. It can scan any type of files and then categorize them accordingly. This software can scan and organize music files based on its format. Whether it’s a MP4, MP3 or WMA, WinCatalog can recognize them all and then extract information. It has features which enables preview for images and media files. Hence, looking for files and pictures are made easier as it can be located swiftly. This saves the trouble of opening each file individually. Archived files can also be viewed regardless of the format of the file. Therefore files such as Zip and disk images such as ISO are all supported.

Incredible Search Speed and More

WinCatalog’s search speed is extremely fast as users can find their files and folders within a very short time. This software has fast processing speed thanks to SQLite DBMS. When searching for specific files and folders, users can use their built-in filters to narrow down the search. To efficiently locate files, the search results are grouped into different categories for easier identification. The interface provided is really user friendly and very easy to use. Its interface is developed to be simple yet effective when operating. Lastly, there is support for Unicode which enables search engine to detect multiple languages.

WC Price Plans, Benefits and Discount

WinCatalog has various types of packages with really affordable prices. Personal License can be purchased for $29.95 and Professional and Business License can be purchased for $49.95 excluding the discount. Personal license is for singular WinCatalog users who can use this software for educational and non-commercial purposes. Professional and Business license is for broader area of people such as government personnel and non-profit organization.

Both of these packages provide minor upgrades as well as free support. On Professional license users are bound to get maintenance support along with technical support. There are no limits to the number of activations and users can install it as many times as they want. There is also 3 month refund available with no questions asked.

Hence, please get the disk as well as file catalog software with the coupon. The WinCatalog discount will hopefully meet your requirements.

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