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Voice Reader Studio Discount: Get Exclusive Coupon and Pricing

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Voice Reader Studio Discount

Get special cash back as Voice Reader Studio discount. Please check the VRS image.

Sometimes we need to create an audio file of a text file. It may not possible to do this task manually. In these cases a text-to-speech solution can be used. Different types of tools can perform this task. Among all these, my recommendation is to depend on Voice Reader Studio because of its amazing features.

Review of Voice Reader Studio

Many software companies offer some text management solutions. Linguatec is one of these companies. It provides different types of text-to-speech, translation, and speech recognition tools. Among all its products, Voice Reader Studio is a very impressive one. This solution is capable of generating some audio files from different kinds of text files. It can be used for some personal projects very efficiently. At the same time, you can use it in any professional campaigns. Get hold of the cool VRS features with our discount. The Voice Reader Studio coupon is going to save you some money. Let’s see some major benefits and features of this amazing software:

Supports Different Language

Suppose, you want to promote a business. Your targeted customers can be from different countries of this world. That is why, Voice Reader Studio comes can convert any text to speech into 45 different languages. For each of these languages, there are both the male and female voices. As these are real human voices, your audio file will not sound robotic.

Voice Reader Studio

We know that there are different kinds of pronunciation styles. Voice Reader Studio supports plenty of them. From its dashboard, you will be allowed to set the pronunciation style. Every speaker of this solution is fully customizable. It is possible to change their loudness, vocal range, and other properties. It is also possible to create different profiles for different speakers.

Very Fast Solution

After considering the core features and pricing information of Voice Reader Studio, anyone can praise this solution. Now, let’s consider how fast it is. Normally, we need much time to read through a text file. And then, we record that with a professional quality recorder. These tasks require much time to be completed. But, this software requires very little time to convert any text file into an audio file. It is 10 times faster than any average human. Voice Reader Studio is capable of converting different types of document files. Some of the supported formats are PDF, DOC, DOCX, and HTML, etc.

Voice Reader Studio Discount and Attractive Pricing

This software has the capability to save much time. It can be used for so many personal as well as professional projects. That is why, so many users are ready to pay a big price for it. But actually, you don’t have to pay that much big for it. As per 14 March 2018, this solution is available for only 499 EUR excluding the discount. Normally, an ordinary text-to-speech tool can save a converted audio file into a single format. But, Voice Reader Studio can save that into two different formats. These formats are MP3 and WAV. You will be able to integrate this solution with the Microsoft Office Suite very easily.

In conclusion, please grab the text to audio file converting tool with our coupon. We hope, the Voice Reader Studio discount is going to be enjoyed by you.

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