VMware Workstation Discount: Exclusive Coupon in 2021 screenshot

VMware Workstation Discount: Exclusive Coupon in 2021

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6% Cashback on Workstation

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Get purchase of VMWare Workstation with 6% cashback discount, as per below image.

VMware Workstation

Have nice VMware Workstation discount as cash back. Please make sure to check above coupon in VMW image.

To ensure the proper workstation environment, it is must have multiple operating system on a same device. But for better performance of it, you have to provide virtualization facility on desktop. There are only a few companies providing the solutions for desktop virtualization. VMware is one of those few companies and it offers Workstation Pro and Workstation Player for this task.

VMware Workstation

Review of the VMware Workstation

These multiple tools are strongly recommended to all kinds of IT professionals and even IT students. You can purchase this recommended product with the discount coupon. Simply follow the VMW image instructions and receive the VMware Workstation coupon. Let’s have a look at some main features and facilities of this product:

Pro Edition Features

The Pro Edition of the VMware Workstation is capable of working with MS Windows 10 and later versions. That is why, it is perfect for latest corporate devices. For testing unknown software, you may need to install that on multiple environments. And this tool will help to take snapshots of that. Anytime, you will be able to go to any snapshot and for doing so, there will be no need of rebooting the computer. Workstation Pro is capable of working with VMware vSphere. Sometimes, you may need to create similar virtual machines on repeated fashions.

This software will help you to do that more quickly and efficiently with cloning facility of it. For all these features, this solution is perfect for networking and dealing with very large virtual machines. Very powerful 3D graphics are also supported by this product. That is why, you can easily use professional software like AutoCAD on your virtual machines.

Very Powerful Player

VMware Workstation Player is very powerful application. This one allows multiple operating systems to be run in a single device. The main attraction is, it does not require any reboot of the device. That means, you can switch from one operating system to another very quickly. This player is capable of dealing with different systems with same efficiently. It is strongly recommended to all kinds of corporate computers.

VMware Workstation Discount and Pricing Plans

Each of the products of VMware has come with multiple pricing options depending on additional support and upgrade facilities. Similarly, Workstation Pro and Player also have similar pricing facilities. To purchase the Workstation Pro, you just have to pay 249.99 USD excluding the discount. With this product, 30 days complementary support facility is available. Upgrade facilities of it is also available with attractive pricing. You can upgrade to it from Workstation 7 by paying only 149.99 USD.

On the other hand, the cost of the VMware Workstation Player is only 149.99 USD according to 20 March 2017. Both of these solutions can work with multiple operating systems including Windows and Linux. Even running on the encrypted virtual machine is not a problem for any of these solutions. These applications support, USB devices, card readers, and other external memory devices for accessing data.

So, please take advantage of this hosted hypervisor with the coupon. If you have any more question on mind about the VMware Workstation discount, please contact us.

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