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Uplisting Discount: Avail Coupon on Property and Channel Manager

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Signup for the free Uplisting trial with our above link. After that, when you upgrade to the paid plan, get 15% cash back as Uplisting discount. Please view the Uplisting image for discount.

Uplisting discount

A person may let various products and services on various online platforms. It is very important to manage all these bookings across platforms. Otherwise, there can be overbooking and other problems. Uplisting is an amazing solution to manage all these bookings.

Review of Uplisting at a Glance

Booking.com and Airbnb are two very popular platform for bookings. Users can manage their bookings by logging in to these platforms manually. But, this task is boring and time consuming while dealing with multiple bookings on multiple platforms. You can easily handle all these things by using Uplisting. This tool allows to access and customize every booking on multiple platforms from a single place. If you are happy with the view of this amazing software, then please purchase with our discount. Grab the fantastic Uplisting coupon right now at a cheaper price.

Manage All Bookings

There is no need to use multiple tools to manage bookings on multiple platforms anymore. Uplisting comes with a centralized console. From this single place, it is possible to access all the bookings on multiple platforms. Some of these platforms are Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway. There are various other tools to manage bookings. Some of these tools take a commission on your revenue. But, this solution does not charge any hidden fees. That means, you will be able to enjoy the full revenue after purchasing Uplisting once. Another important thing is, it can manage multiple accounts of a single platform. You don’t have to log out from one account and log in to another one. Rather, this software will allow you to access multiple accounts at a time.


Impressive Syncing

Suppose, you have a booking on Booking.com. The rate of that booking may need to be changed over time. And, the same rate may need to be set on each other platform. There is no need to change that manually on every platform. Instead, Uplisting will automatically sync the price of other platforms when you will change that once. Similarly, it allows to set different rates on different platforms. Ensuring effective linked listing is another great feature of this solution. This software is compatible with iCalendar. With the help of this calendar, it will keep syncing your bookings across platforms in every 5 minutes. Similarly, you will be able to create own listings in a few seconds.

Uplisting Discount and Pricing

Depending on the number of properties, Uplisting has three different pricing plans. The Owner/Manager plan is available for only USD 50 per month without the discount code. It is able to deal with 5 different properties. The Property Manager License of this solution can be bought by paying only USD 100 per months. You will be able to handle more than 10 to less than 150 properties by using it. Similarly, Uplisting Enterprise License can be accessed by paying a custom fee. Its cost depends on the number properties your target. You don’t have to pay any setup fee to purchase any of these licenses

So, enjoy the Uplisting functionalities and features with our coupon at a cheaper price. We hope, you are going to enjoy the Uplisting discount.

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