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TSPlus Coupon: Enjoy Terminal Service Plus Discount in 2021

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Buy any license of Terminal Service Plus with ‘Click to Redeem’ and get 10% cashback. Please see TSPlus image below for this.


Grab nice TSPlus coupon as per the exclusive Terminal Service Plus image.

Sometimes it can be very much necessary to access network files from remote locations. In those cases, remote access and web portal can be very useful. There are a few solutions to offer full featured remote access to network files. Terminal Service Plus is one of the bests among those.

Review and Features of TSPlus

If you want to use remote desktop using the internet, that cannot be done manually. A top quality tool should be used for doing so. Without the help of remote access solution, it is not possible to publish applications over the internet. Many software companies are out there to offer various types of products. But remote desktop solutions are rarely offered by these companies. TSPlus is one of the most popular solutions for this task. It has tons of features and flexible pricing facilities. Enjoy all the cool features of TSP with the coupon. The TSPlus discount is going to be handy. Here are some major facts about this solution:

Efficient Remote Desktop

This fully featured solution offers very efficient remote desktop facility. It offers a new and powerful client generator interface. Accessing network files as well as desktop files can be done with it. It will allow you to publish different web apps very easily. TSPlus has an independent load balancing tool. The built in failover system has made this product more powerful. It allows the users to access their files by using very simple Windows clients. Even they can also use mobile clients to access necessary files. Simple installation and automatic setup facilities are the other reasons of its big acceptance.

Powerful Web Portal

A very efficient web portal is another big advantage of TSPlus. This solution will offer you easy web access from a web browser. There will be no need to depend on Internet Explorer only. It allows to start web access sessions from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Remote printing is another great feature of this solution. Some other tools are there which supports printing from desktops only. But the TSPlus will let you print remotely by using iPads and tablets. Powerful web portal of this solution helps to start several applications from only one session.

Plans, Pricing and Coupon of TSPlus

Four different licenses are there for the TSPlus and each of those are for 10 users. System Edition of this product can be purchased with only $200 without the coupon code. Some main features of this edition are remote desktop access, dual screen support, and portable client generator. But printing from different locations cannot be done by this edition. For remote printing tasks, you have to purchase the Printer Edition by spending only $290. TSPlus Mobile Web Edition has come with more facilities. It supports connections from iPhones and Android phones. Cost of this one is only 490 USD prior to 2021. And the Enterprise Edition can be purchased by only 530 USD. This edition has come with farms of servers and unlimited number of concurrent user support.

In conclusion, please avail the seamless remote desktop technology with the discount. The TSPlus coupon is going to really useful.

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