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TrustPort Pricing: Avail Review & Pricing for the Security

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Get TrustPort review and pricing offered here. Avail the security solution to protect your devices from malware and virus.

TrustPort released their products very recently. Though various products are released, till now two of the products are getting huge popularity. Some common and some unique features are the reason behind the acceptance of those tools. Some of the features are pointed out below:


TrustPort Antivirus

It is very easy to install this software to your PC and also it is very easy to use because the simple but smart interface. It has strong viruses, spams, malwares and spywares detection power. It takes automatic action to the viruses and good thing is it will always show you the actions it has taken. It will give the virus report to you regularly. Any external devices that you connect to your PC, it will scan all those.

As it is the latest software it can be installed in Windows 8, though you can use it in any operating system of Windows platform. Its size is big, so you have to use speedy internet connections.

TrustPort Total Security

This is a versatile tool because if you install this once then there is no need to install extra security software for other purposes. It is perfect for those who run online businesses or other small business and banking services. It will give you protection from any type of virus and spams attacks. It detects unwanted files from any internal and external drives.

If you are an internet user then it will block the unwanted and unknown files from auto download. Your usernames and password will be safe while using this tool. It is also applicable for all the operating systems of Windows. Though its size is large but it will not make any harm to your PC’s performance.

Other products of this company are the internet security, USB security, antivirus for servers, web filters etc.

TrustPort review

TrustPort Products & Review

TrustPort is a software company which creates different security tools for different purposes. The company made the tools for personal, home and office use. For all those friendly security tools this company is the most popular in Czech Republic. The products are: Antivirus, Total protection, USB Antivirus, Internet Security, Web Filter, Antivirus for Servers and many more.

Features of the Products

TrustPort antivirus is very efficient software for detecting the viruses and spams. Not only it detects the defined known viruses but also the unknown files and worms. The virus definitions of this software get automatically updated. So, there is no chance to attack new viruses to your PC.

The total protection tool can protect your PC from the malware attacks and other harmful viruses. It can secure your user id and password to any of your PC, email and other website accounts. If it is installed once then you can be sure about your PCs best performance. It deletes the auto downloaded files from your PC.

Most of the viruses attack from one PC to another while transferring data from the affected PC by USB flash drives. If you want to auto scan all the USB drives that connected to your PC then you can use the USB antivirus. It is very important for your PCs security.

Internet security tool blocks the malware attacks. Though its detection rate is not high class, but the rate is more than average. Web and mail filter is a good security suit for the detection of spam mails and harmful websites.

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