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Tick Data Suite Discount | Get Cool Coupon and Review

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The TDS (Tick Data Suite) offer is not valid anymore, we are sorry for this.

Buy the software with ‘Click to Redeem’ link and you will get cashback on the PayPal. Please see the discount in TDS image below.

Tick Data Suite

Get cool Tick Data Suite discount as per the TDS image.

Review of Tick Data Suite

Nowadays, trading takes place all over world and it is happening in an increasing rate. In order to secure and guarantee a successful trade there is a need for trading strategy i.e. backtesting. With the right backtesting tool a user is confirmed to obtain a successful trade. There are various backtesting services available, but very few are recommended. One such highly recommended backtesting tool service provider is Tick Data Suite. Tick Data Suite contains some of the most technologically advanced tools along with efficient method of completing task. If you liked the TDS features, then use our discount coupon to get it. We have introduced the Tick Data Suite coupon to make the purchase easier for you. Let’s look at some of the features provided:

Slippage Simulation and Configuration

Tick Data Suite provides the ultimate solution to manage and adjusting its configurations. There are options available for the user to customize its timeframe by changing it GMT and DST. There is a mode fully dedicated to calculating profit. This helps in eliminating problems such as manual profit calculation which are time consuming task. The maximum and minimum lot can also be modified and changed through their configuration option. Then there is slippage simulation which provides the solution to tackle slippage related problems. This helps users to test out their trading strategy and determine whether it will withstand harsh trading conditions. There are a variety of models available to simulate it which can be adjusted through the configuration settings.

High Accurate Results

With any backtesting tool, it is expected to get an accurate result for the best possible outcome. Tick Data Suite have managed to provide the most highly accurate result compared the other previous software. Other software tends to use fixed data for its backtesting whereas Tick Data Suite uses real time variable spread. This helps in getting high accurate results which are far superior to other software result. 90% modelling quality is being achieved by other software where it uses past data spread. On the other hand Tick Data Suite has managed to achieve a modelling quality of 99%!

TDS Price Plans, Benefits and Discount

Tick Data Suite can be purchased for a very affordable price of $97 without the discount code. There are also monthly updates and support available for purchase. These updates and supports can be acquired for a subscription fee of $10 per month. This software is extremely easy to use and really user friendly. There is no need for any advanced technical skills as it is super easy to install. Users can get access to this product and test it out for free through their fourteen-day free trial.

So, please use our coupon to purchase the backtesting and optimization tool. We are hoping that the Tick Data Suite discount is going to be useful.

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