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Theme shift Pricing | Avail Review of the WordPress Theme

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Check Theme shift review and pricing served here. Avail the amazing WordPress theme which are perfect for both professional & business.

The themes of Theme shift are perfect for the professionals and business owners. Themes are wonderfully structured. Your WordPress site will never look better after using the Theme shift themes. Customer satisfaction is the main and only objectives of the creators of theme shift.


Theme Shift Reviews & Features

  • 3 languages acceptability.
  • Unique page options.
  • Main menu options are user friendly.
  • Color combination and framework is perfect.
  • Highly attractive graphics.
  • Images which are used in the themes are pixel-perfect.
  • Though the themes are perfectly designed for your WordPress site, those can be used some other purposes to other sites.
  • All the themes have custom widget.
  • Customers can get support from the customer care center and forums.
  • Background color is not of different colors but standard to see.
  • You can get help and connect with Theme shift via Twitter and Facebook also.

ThemeShift review

Prices and Packages

There are five different packages offered by Theme shift. The packages are:

  • Package 1: Single Costs: 59$
  • Package 2: Basic Costs: 86$
  • Package 3: Plus Costs: 115$
  • Package 4: Pro Costs: 145$
  • Package 5: Business Costs: 40% discounts for themes.

Summary of the Product

The themes of Theme shift cannot support more than three European languages. So the themes are perfect for the European business. Simply standard outlook and color combination gives all the themes a different beauty which you cannot get from the themes of others. Packages and prices are also very friendly.

Themefuse Themes Review

If you want to buy standard wordPress themes then you can buy it from Themefuse. Quality premium themes are always available in this marketplace. You can be a member of this site to get full features and facilities from the site or you can buy single theme directly.

Special Features of Themefuse

  • Excellent for developers.
  • Themes for freelancers are available.
  • Perfect framework for all the themes.
  • Agency holders will get extra facilities.
  • Unique themes are there to get i.e. you will note find Themefuse themes to any other marketplace.
  • The average price of the themes is comparatively low.
  • Quality of the themes is maintained by the experts.
  • Customer care service is always available. You can contact us by email or phone call.
  • You can visit the site blog to find the solution of your problem.
  • There is the option “View Gallery” where you can choice you theme from all the latest and most popular themes.
  • The view of all the themes is very clear.
  • The combination of colors and pixels is perfect in each theme.
  • The marketplace is very friendly for the beginners.

Prices of the Themes

You can buy single themes by 49$ only. But the best option is be a club member of Themfuse by 17$. If you can be the member you can see all the themes and choose the best one for you. Overall the prices of the themes are not high compare to the quality.

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