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TemplateTrip Discount: Get Cool Coupon on WooCommerce Theme

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Buy any TemplateTrip theme and product with our link and gain 15% cashback discount, as per below TemplateTrip image.

TemplateTrip Discount

Grab exclusive cash back as TemplateTrip discount. Please have a look at the TT image for discount.

Review of TemplateTrip

TemplateTrip delivers best quality and beautifully optimized themes and templates for users to use and also sell. TemplateTrip has built a platform where users can purchase desired themes or can creatively design their own and sell it. There’s selling guide available for theme designers to follow through before any templates or themes are put up for sale. The guide insists that vendors should include title for their themes. For this, everybody is needed to maintain industry standards.

Live demonstration videos are required to prove that the templates are functional. Also the highlighted features should be mentioned. Recognizing the subject of the template should be easily distinguishable. Hence, there’re requirements to tag suitable category names. There’re total eight rules that must be fulfilled to guarantee that high-quality and respectable standard themes are being sold. Avail the cool TT features with our discount. Please grab the TemplateTrip coupon easily by following the aforementioned image steps.

Organized Sections

TemplateTrip’s browsing page contains all the options. The options are for navigating and viewing different website themes along with title and price. On the left side of browsing page, there’s four categories of selection option: eCommerce, OpenCart, WooCommerce and Prestashop. Users may have different browser preferences for them to work efficiently. So  underneath category option, there’s browser compatibility filter. The compatibility filter has options for well-known browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other browser options like Opera, Safari etc. Finally, layouts are all responsive, and options for preferred themes’ sources like JS Files or CSS files are filterable. Since there’s over three-hundred results, each theme is viewable as a list-view or table-view. It can be sorted by price or popularity and more.


Theme Variations

TemplateTrip’s Flower design is created for businesses related with art, variety of celebrations, gift shop, wedding ceremonies, and parlor etc. Flower designed theme has clean and sleek look, and its base color is dark and light pink with flower background. Mega Medicine design is centered towards health and wellness involving categories like Fitness, Grocery, Vitamin, Drug, and medical etc. It’s built with a combination of white, blue and black color to represent professional status similar to medical care websites. Online food ordering website needs easy-to-navigate design, therefore, there’s Fast-Food & Restaurant theme provided, which’s targeted towards pizza delivery services. Although this theme has pizza background, it can be switched for other food like Coffee, Drinks, Restaurant, and Wine etc.

TemplateTrip Pricing and Discount

TemplateTrip’s Flower design, Mega Medicine theme, and Fast-Food & Restaurant are all under same price of $99. TemplateTrip also has cheaper alternatives such as designs available from a minimum price of $20 and averaging around $69.99 excluding the discount. There’s three licensing options which’re Regular, Multiple, and Extended, and price will vary depending on the license selected. In general, users will be granted twelve months or one year support and upgrade for each template purchased.

Therefore, please get the WooCommerce responsive theme at a cheaper price with our coupon. We hope, you will enjoy the TemplateTrip discount.

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