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TaskToCal Pricing | Avail Review for the Outlook Add-In Software

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Get TaskToCal pricing and review provided here. Avail the outlook add-in which displays your outlook tasks to your outlook calendar.

We all know that the Outlook data and information are necessary for different purposes. For using and storing the Outlook data very easily, you will be able to find several types of software and tools. Outlook tasks and calendar are two different things which will be saved to different folders by Outlook. It will be better for you if you can see the tasks marked to the Outlook calendar. It will be possible if you use the innovative and helpful tool named the TaskToCal.


TaskToCal Review

Planning is the most important if you want to utilize each and every moment of any day. That is why it is very important to mark the tasks of each day in the calendar. The drawback of the Outlook is it has not the capability to represent the Outlook calendar by indicating the tasks. TaskToCal will make this impossible completely possible. So, now it will be easier for you to arrange and fulfill all your plans in each day.

Benefits of the Tool

The most important and attractive feature of this tool is it has the capability to show your tasks hourly. That means you will be able to make the routine of tasks for every hour in a day by using this useful product and then it will store the tasks of every hour to the Outlook calendar. If you need to print your Outlook calendar then this tool will help you to print that with all the stored tasks in each date.

TaskToCal review

Nowadays one of the most popular cell phone devices is the iPhone. The TaskToCal can synchronize the iPhone with the Outlook calendar. That means you will get notifications to your iPhone for all the tasks stored to the Outlook calendar with the help of TaskToCal. To make this possible you have to download and install the ToDo app which can be found to the AppStore. By using this you will be able to get the notifications for the tasks. TaskToCal is suitable for all versions of Microsoft Windows and Outlook.

Why to Use This Tool

First of all let’s consider what type of data it can deal with. It can be simply said that, this tool can deal with all types of data. That means it can synchronize the emails, journal entries, tasks etc. There are so many similar types of tools which cannot work perfectly if you use profiles and folders to your Outlook. But SynchPST can work perfectly to synchronize the stored data of the folders and profiles. It can also synchronize the Outlook on your laptop or any type of notebook and that on the desktop.

If you use shared computers then sometimes it becomes very important to synchronize and share the Outlook data to all the shared computers. SynchPST tool will help you in this case perfectly and that is why this software has achieved so much popularity to the Outlook users. Even it will help you share the Outlook calendars and list of tasks of each day. SynchPST also supports the customized forms. Each and every field will be supported by this innovative tool of Wisco.

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