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SynchPST Review | Avail Pricing for Outlook Synchronize Program

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Check SynchPST review and pricing provided here. Avail the outlook synchronized program between two or more computers automatically.

If you are using Outlook and it is on the more than one computer, you may need to exchange your Outlook data between these computers. It is quite time consuming to do so every time. For these type of task you can choose SynchPST.


SynchPST for Outlook Product Review

SynchPST is a program that helps to synchronize your all the Outlook data like contacts, task lists, different notes, e-mails and appointment entries between several computers automatically. No matter your computer is a desktop or laptop computer. It can do this for you. SynchPST is really handy tool for synchronizing several Outlook data files or outlook data file to mailbox.

SynchPST review

Advantages of SynchPST

  • SynchPST offers the easiest way to synchronize your Outlook data between two or more computers and different Outlook files. Either desktop to laptop or laptop to desktop. You can synchronize your outlook data with a single click.
  • Using SynchPST you are able to combine several Outlook files into one pst file.
  • It really saves your time by quickly synchronizing your pst files. You do not need to manually copy and paste your files. The process is fully automatic.
  • Synchronizes the mails into categories as read and unread.
  • You can share your contacts or other outlook items with other persons.
  • It supports customized and edited forms.
  • You can customize your synchronization by SynchPST. You can set it for whole outlook synchronization or for a specific folder only.
  • SynchPST intelligently synchronizes only the modified files from the last specific weeks. That means you don’t have to synchronize the whole Outlook again for the later synchronization. Just modified ones.
  • You can delete specific items from outlook file. SynchPST will automatically synchronize this modification on the other computers too.
  • It is compatible with the different versions of Outlook and it can do synchronization between different versions of Outlook files.
  • The professional edition is able to synchronize the password protected Outlook files also.
  • You can also use it with exchanging data between Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Other Important Details

There are two different versions of SynchPST for Outlook available for the users. They are Home edition and Professional edition. The home edition costs less but it includes only the major necessary features. On the other hand, the professional edition has all the major features along with other extra useful features.

SynchPST is based on windows platform. It supports on almost all the windows versions including latest windows 8 and works fine with different versions of outlook including outlook 2000 to outlook 2013.

Using SynchPST with your Outlook program you can save lots of your time and labor. This is really a useful and effective all in one software. SynchPST is a user friendly and easy to use tool. Once you use this tool, you will find out how beneficial the program is.

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