Streak Discount: Magnificent Coupon on CRM for Gmail screenshot

Streak Discount: Magnificent Coupon on CRM for Gmail

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Buy monthly or annual Professional or Enterprise plan with our link and avail $30 cashback in PayPal. Please see following Streak (CRM for Gmail) image for this.

Streak Discount

Get nice cash back as Streak discount. Please check out the discount in Streak image and buy the CRM for Gmail solution.

Gmail, although not used by everybody, is used by large scale of users globally for multiple purposes. Streak enables such Gmail users to improve their management capabilities and upgrade their productivity level through their management system.

Review of Streak

Some of the crucial management tasks that Streak allows users to efficiently handle are: leads, buyers-sellers, projects, investors, candidates etc. Categorizing multiple emails will prevent constant back-and-forth switching from one inbox to another, and will save crucial working time. Team tasks are enhanced with this software where Sales, Hiring, Support and numerous more use-cases are provided for smoother processes. There’re seven-hundred thousand individuals who’re currently operating with this software and have given highly satisfactory four-point-five rating out of five. The notable teams who’ve applied this application to their advantage are Uber, TechStars, Lyft, BlueApron, and lot more. If you liked the Streak features, then please purchase with our discount. Grab the Streak coupon today.

Autopilot and Everything Tracker

Streak will auto capture relevant data from users’ contacts and also from emails that were sent and received. These contacts and emails will be tracked by Streak and will notify users immediately upon any progress for further follow-up. These pipelines for tracking are customizable according to users’ priority, and after saving custom view, it becomes sharable with team-members. Apart from the view, users can share their timeline with attached call logs, interactions, notes, files, and more. Additional means of contact with teammates or relying on other software won’t be necessary due to smart sharing capabilities. For different conversation topics or conversations that has diverse subjects, Thread Splitter helps to separate them smoothly.


Mobile Optimized

Streak is amazingly optimized across all devices, and especially for mobile devices, the optimization is flawlessly done. As shown on the application’s website, a simple notification from this service provider consists of important messages in compact form. The reminder will show the dates and titles of the notes, and it’ll also show future tasks that need completion. Lastly, the different categories of work will be viewed in list form underneath the prioritized reminder. Automatic call logs are available to never miss any detail, and allows instant on-the-spot notes to be written. And since this application works within Gmail, there’s added benefits of Google’s spreadsheet for easy import-export of data.

Streak Discount and Price Plans

Streak’s Personal plan has no price tag and it’s free to use, and it provides the power tools for email. For annual package, Professional plan is $49 and Enterprise plan is $99, and for monthly package, it’s $59 and $129 excluding the discount. The Enterprise plan allows permission customization, validation of data, data recovery assistance, and premium support through phone. The Professional plan delivers pro-level CRM features, access to API, above nine hundred integrations, advance reporting and email support.

Therefore, please use our coupon to get the CRM for Gmail at a cheaper price. We hope, the Streak discount will satisfy you.

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