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StartMeeting Pricing: Get Fantastic Review for the Product

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When mass communication is necessary, you have to take useful strategies. You cannot make a phone call, but can make a conference. It will save your time at a high rate. Similarly, by sharing the screen or any application on your computer, you can teach so many people. For these things you will need the audio conferencing and screen sharing tools.

Review of the StartMeeting

The StartMeeting offers both these types of tools for very much comfortable price. Get SM at a much better price with our pricing. The StartMeeting review will be useful. Let’s have a look at these useful products:

Impressive Audio Conferencing

The StartMeeting offers very effective and affordable audio conferencing system. You can use this to make the conversation among maximum one thousand callers. And this system has no active time limitation. That means, the conference can be held at anytime you want. There are some audio conferencing systems which cannot work with the international numbers. But this one can deal with that without problem. StartMeeting has introduced the Broadcaster tool which has made this audio conferencing more powerful.

Sometimes you may need to send the same message over and over again. In those cases, you can use the Broadcaster record the audio messages and send those whenever necessary. For the audio conferencing, you will need the recording and reporting systems. Both these functions are available in this product.

Screen Sharing Features

Another impressive product of the StartMeeting is the Screen Sharing. If you want to share your computer screen with huge number of attendees, then this one is for you. You don’t have to share the entire screen all the time. The selected applications can only be shared with the help of this tool. Very powerful screen recording tool is also included in this product.

And that will work on both the Windows and Mac platforms. This product of StartMeeting can work with multiple attendee list and presenters. Switching of the attendee lists as well as presenters can be done very easily from the dashboard. Various new features have been added to this product. One of those is the Spark Meeting, which will let you arrange and broadcast the meetings very quickly.

StartMeeting Pricing

Both the Audio Conferencing and Screen Sharing services of StartMeeting have multiple pricing plans. Those plans actually attract the customers of all types. Let’s have a look at the plans of Audio Conferencing first. It is to decide whether you need to offer the toll free conferencing or toll conferencing. If the choice is the first one, then the charge for per person per minute will be 3.9 cents. And in case of the toll conferencing, the monthly price is 6.95 USD as per 2 May 2016. Both of these plans can be purchased for 1 thousand callers.

The Screen Sharing of StartMeeting has 4 different plans. These plans are for 50, 200, 500 and 1000 seats. You can enjoy the 50 Seats Plan by paying 19.95 USD per month excluding the pricing. Similarly, the 1000 Seats Plan will cost you 349.95 USD per month.

So, please grab the review on the audio and online meeting tool. Hopefully, you will like the StartMeeting pricing.

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