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SQLite Expert Review | Avail Pricing for the Database Administration

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Check the exciting review and pricing of SQLite Expert provided here. Avail the database administration to organize all the data in a flexible way.

In the maintaining system of our modern life, we have to depend on the database management system. Database system is an essential part to organize all the needed data in a flexible way. In the database management system, SQLite is a dependable solution for the users. In the case of developing the SQLite database system, the users can face some problems. In that case, they can rely on SQLite Expert.

SQLite Expert

SQLite Expert and the Review

This is an active as well as a powerful tool by which the users can apply the developing process of SQLite according to the need. It includes some common characteristics like query building process, query editing system, table management system, data import or export system and so on.

The Available Functions

Query Building process: This solution has the ability to build up the SQL queries in an easy process. The customization process of the query can be applied through this. After that, the parsing process and the analysis process of the available query can be managed. Besides, the SQL editing system with the syntax formation can be managed through the effective procedures of this.

Structure Management: SQLite Expert offers the visual editor system by which the available columns, indexes, triggers as well as the structures of the tables can be managed in a simple way. In fact; it contains the ability to restructure any type of table in a simple way.

Data Import or Export: The import system from the ADO database source can be managed through the allowed tools of SQLite Expert. This process can also be applied while importing the data from CSV file or SQL script. After that the export system of the needed data into SQL script, CSV file can be managed through this database management tool.

SQLite Expert review

Available Features Offered

Data editing system: This tool offers the powerful data editing system by which you can change any data from any column of the corresponding table. Besides, the image editing process can also be applied with the format of PNG, JPG, and BMP and so on. To visualize on the BLOB fields through the HEX editor, it offers some functions.

Other needed functions: SQLite Expert offers the system of data comparison system and the online backup system with the scheduling method. To manage the tables, it offers the needed functions like creating, deleting, renaming etc. After that, the data type changing method can also be applied in a simple manner.

Pricing Section of SQLite Expert

For single license of SQLite Expert, the users have to pay $59. For the license of 2-4, you have to pay $52/license. If any user tries to purchase more than 11 licenses, then they need to pay $38/license system.

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