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SQL Manager Review | Avail Pricing for Tools & Database Administration

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Check amazing SQL Manager review and pricing provided here. Avail the fantastic tools and database administration products offered.

In our modern life, the computer system has afforded a lot of facilities to maintain all the needed tasks in a comfortable way. The database section is an essential part under the computer system. The database system holds the functions of the database information about the corresponding sector. In the database management section, SQL Manager is a trusted platform.

SQL Manager

SQL Manager Review

This platform offers a lot of supports to maintain the database related activities in a flexible way. Under SQL Manager, the users will get a lot of programs for the database section management system with the data organization process.

The available Products

EMS SQL Administrator: For the SQL server section, the administration based database management system is very essential and it is covered through this solution. Through this, you can assure the task of maintenance system, analyzing process of the available data under any server. Besides, the statistical system under the needed data will also be previewed through this. The server organizing system can be controlled through this. Moreover, the server security system can also be managed with the allowed tools of this.

EMS SQL Management Studio: This solution is a perfect one for the database administration section and the developing case. The critical database controlling activities can be performed through this. The complex database section can be handled through this solution in an effective way.

EMS SQL Backup: This solution is a needed one for assuring the backup procedure of the needed data. Through this solution, you can manage the term of sequential back up procedure with the flexible restore method. To assure the backup system, all the supportive tools are provided here.

SQL Manager review

The Common Features

Data import and export: Data import and export system is an essential issue under the products of SQL Manager. Through the effective tools of these programs, you can easily maintain the term of data export method in various file formats. Besides, you will get the option of data extract from any format to another.

Query Management: The query management system is an effective issue under the database program. These issues are handled through the programs of SQL Manager in a flexible way. Through these, the users will get the option of customize the available query with the needed tasks. Besides, the terms of data comparing process and the formation are also available here.

Pricing under Products of SQL Manager

EMS SQL Backup can be purchased through $162.50. For the Administration section, the EMS SQL Administrator can be purchased through $275. For the product of EMS SQL Management Studio, the users have to pay $468 for a single license.

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