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SourceCoast Discount, Grab Fantastic Coupon in 2021

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10% Cashback on SourceCoast Product

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Buy any product from SourceCoast and have excellent cashback of 10%. For this, please refer to SourceCoast image below.

Get purchase with excellent SourceCoast discount as cashback. The SourceCoast cashback discount will be provided as per the image instructions.

SourceCoast and the Review

In the web industry, Joomla is an effective platform defined by the web developers. In the Joomla based website, we can use various types of extensions for managing various tasks. In the case of organizing the social site integration process, we can rely on SourceCoast. This platform is mainly developed for arranging the social site integration process for the Joomla platform. Through the touch of SourceCoast, you will be able to add Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ in a simple way. For assuring the task of Joomla extensions, excelling documentation and the supporting condition, this offers all the needed conditions.

The extensions of SourceCoast are used by more than ten thousand websites. From the blogging section to the portfolio site and the commercial site can be supported through this. Please make a purchase of SC with the discount coupon. The SourceCoast coupon will let you save some good money on this tool.

The available products issued by SourceCoast

JFBConnect: To connect the top popular social networking site with the Joomla network, this platform is very helpful developed by SourceCoast. This is defined as a social network based integration suite for the Joomla section. Through the support of this, you will be able to increase the interaction between the visitors on the corresponding site while connecting Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. The social presence can be assured through this solution.

It assures the open graph format with the direct link up process. Besides, the addition process of the 3rd party integration system and the sharing condition can be handled through this. The request system and the invitation processes are also available here. The Facebook request system helps the users to share the pages from the corresponding site to the friend’s FB profile. The social widgets can be integrated also in a simple manner.


This login module system helps the users with multiple styling formats and the flexible performance. It is integrated with the function of horizontal mode, streamlined mode, popup view and other needed terms. This module system helps the users to engage the feedback condition from the viewers. The clear communication process can be established through this solution. It includes some basic structural format like layout controlling, dropdown menu handling etc.


This is mainly used for the newsletter integration process with the Joomla platform. It can work with the Amazon SES system and due to this condition; you will be able to send out the newsletter to a lot of people in a quick format. It includes some simple API system, auto subscription system, signup modeling condition and other system.

Pricing issue and Discount on SC

To purchase SCLogin and Sendy, you don’t need to pay any charge. In the case of purchasing JFBconnect, only $59.99 is needed to pay excluding the discount. The payment condition can be managed through MasterCard, PayPal, Visa Card and other popular issues.

So, please take advantage of our coupon offer to purchase this social network integration for Joomla. We are expecting that you will love the SourceCoast discount.

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