Social Warfare Discount 2019: Get Coupon for the Warfare Plugins screenshot

Social Warfare Discount 2019: Get Coupon for the Warfare Plugins

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20% Cashback on Social Warfare Pro

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Buy any package of Social Warfare plugin with the ‘Click to Redeem’ and avail excellent 20% cashback. Please see Warfare image below for this cashback.

Social Warfare Discount

Have cool Social Warfare discount for the product of Warfare Plugins.

Different types of social media are available right now. And those are the sources of huge number of real people. That is why, you can get huge traffic from there. But for doing so, it is better to use WordPress social media plugin. Social Warfare provides those tools for WP users.

Review of the Social Warfare

It is fact that most of the WP plugin providers offer social media tools. But most of those plugins are not capable enough for fulfilling every need. That is why, it is better to order such tool with all necessary features. And if you do so, Social Warfare will create that WP plugin. This WP tool creator company has achieved huge popular all over the world in quick time. Plenty of features are offered by it for a very attractive price. If the WP review impressed you, then purchase with our discount coupon. The Social Warfare coupon is going to be helpful.

Social Warfare

Some main facts about this company are:

Fast and Attractive

As the main task of this platform is to generate effective social buttons, you have to consider the speed and performance. Social Warfare is such social button which can perform very well and it offers fastest loading facility. That is why, it will not slow down your WordPress websites. The look of this social share button is pretty impressive too. Another important thing is that the buttons must be matched with your websites. Social Warfare provides such buttons which will easily be matched. Actually, it offers 5000 different style combinations. And the created social media buttons will be completely responsive too.

Impressive Pricing Options and Discount

Social Warfare provides three different pricing options. Depending on the number of websites you target, any of these three licenses can be suggested. Lieutenant’s Package of this program is available for only 29 USD per year. This package will allow Social Warfare to be activated on a single website. Compare to this one, Captain’s Package is more cost effective. 135 USD is the yearly cost of this package excluding the discount. After purchasing this one, you can use this plugin on five different websites. Social Warfare Colonel’s Package is available for 250 USD per year, prior to the year of 2021. If you want to use the social media plugin on maximum 10 different WP Sites, this package can be recommended with our discount coupon.

Some Additional Features

Warfare Plugins has added so many other features on Social Warfare plugin. The share button will never show the number of share counts until that reaches to specific numbers. That is why, if there is less share, you will not feel bad. This solution is a developer friendly tool. Hence, necessary customization can be done very quickly. It will help you to add a special widget to display the most popular posts. Similarly, Warfare Plugins has also added such feature to Social Warfare that it can show the number of shares for each post. It can display your tweets by adding twitter cards on targeted websites.

So, please have the social sharing arsenal from Warfare Plugins with our coupon. Hopefully, you will love the Social Warfare discount.

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