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SmartFAX Pricing | Have Review for the Internet Faxing Service

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Get amazing SmartFAX pricing and review provided here. Have the product for the internet faxing service with amazing features and benefits.

As the day advances with the modern technology, the activities of our everyday life are getting connected to the effect of the online system. In fact; the online system has offered us many supports almost in every section. While maintaining the online based communication system, we need to assure some flexible methods. Among all of the allowed methods, fax system is a trusted one for delivering or receiving any document file. But if we can manage the fax system through the online system, then we will be highly benefited. To allow this system, SmartFAX is very effective solution.


The Full Overview on SmartFAX

With the support of SmartFAX, the users can easily send or receive the faxes by using the email id and the internet access method. In fact; you can use your laptop PC or your smart phone instead of the fax machine.

The Working Procedure

To maintain the activities of SmartFAX, you need to use the simple functions of the email system. You just need to use the SmartFAX number and the email account. After that, you will be able to send faxes and the receiving process from any place of the world. At the beginning step, you will have to sign up an account number under the SmartFAX section. Then, you will have to choose any number which will be used instead of a fax number. After that, you can start up the faxing process.

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The Available Features

Online faxing: The activities of this program are operated through the online system. Through the support of SmartFAX, you can easily expand the online based faxing for the simple communication process. It uses some simple procedures for maintaining the entire file sending process.

File Sharing: The file sharing process with the help of this program is very simple. By using the email message sending process, you can’t receive or send the large files. But it holds the functions to get this facility. You can easily upload larger files from any format. It can support the document files, audio or video files, and image files and so on. Then, you just need to access the number of the SmartFAX. After that, it will send the files to the authorized users in a quick process.

Accuracy: While file sharing process, this program maintains the maximum security mood. With the support of SmartFAX, no unauthorized person can’t see the shared files. Besides, sending process is very fast and reliable with the maximum performance.

Pricing System of under SmartFAX

To get the functions of SmartFAX, you will have to pay $6.95/per month. Here, you can also assign the fax number with the local system. Moreover, it allows the international faxing system with the free trial version of 30 days.

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