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Skyvia Discount: Get Amazing Coupon and Review

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15% Cashback on any Skyvia Product

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Click on above redeem link and get 15% cashback discount on any Skyvia Product and plan.

This includes any monthly plan of Data Integration, Skyvia Query and Skyvia Backup.


Grab amazing Skyvia discountĀ as per the SVĀ coupon image.

Nowadays, we like to deal store data on a cloud storage. Managing these data is very important. There are a few recommendable platforms for doing this task. Skyvia is one of these platforms. It offers some products to deal with cloud data more efficiently.

Review and Features of Skyvia

It is not safe to purchase to store any extremely personal data in a local file only. Anytime, your device can be damaged or affected by some viruses. That is why, many companies offer various types of cloud facilities. Skyvia offers a full featured cloud platform. Get Skyvia at a much cheaper price with our discount. The Skyvia coupon will be really useful. It offers every important product related to the cloud, including data backup and data integration. Each of these products comes with some important features. Here are some of these features:

Impressive Data Integration

You may need to get the data from various sources. And it is very difficult to integrate these data manually. Some solutions are there to solve this issue. But the most of these solutions require some programming or coding. On the other hand, Skyvia data integration does not require any kind of coding. It offers an easy way for the data integration. This product will allow you to import data from various sources, including databases, and CSV files. Similarly, it is very helpful for exporting these data. From a cloud, this software can export any data to a CSV file. You can then store these files to any local file storage. Skyvia has a powerful data reception facility. For copying some cloud application data, this product offers some efficient tools. These tools will automatically keep these data up-to-date. For completing all these tasks more easily, this solution provides a rich template gallery.

Reliable Backup Facility

There is no need to worry about the data backups after purchasing Skyvia data backup service. It provides a reliable daily backup facility. And, it will execute its operations automatically. But, still you will be allowed to create a backup of any data manually. Finding out any necessary data from the long lists of backups is very easy with this solution. And it will also help to monitor the entire data backup process. Skyvia ensure an efficient encryption facility for these backups. That is why, only you will be allowed to access these data.

Skyvia Pricing Plans and Discount

The Data Integration solution of this brand comes with four different paid plans. Its price starts from $13 per month, and it can work with 25 thousand records. Standard License of this product can be enjoyed by paying only $69 per month without the discount code. This one can keep maximum 25 thousand records. Similarly, Professional and Enterprise licenses of this product are also very much affordable. Skyvia Data Backup comes with three paid plans. Its Standard Plan is can be bought by paying only 6 USD per month, and it offers a 20GB storage. Professional License of this product is available for 69 USD/month. This license comes with a 200GB storage. And its Enterprise License can be accessed by paying only 349 USD/month. It provides 1TB storage as per this post creating time.

Therefore, please get Skyvia with our coupon. The Skyvia discount will let you get the cloud data platform at a much cheaper price.

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