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SiteCondor Pricing: Avail Review for the SEO Site Audit Tool

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Get amazing SiteCondor review and pricing served here. Avail the SEO site audit tool for digital marketing experts with exciting features.

In our modern life, the presence of the online system has enabled a lot of facilities to organize all the needed activities in a flexible way. Without this, we won’t be able to maintain all the web based tasks for performing the needed functions. Under the web industry, WordPress is a dependable platform. This platform offers the way to maintain the needed plugin by which we can solve the specific tasks in a comfortable way. Under the WordPress plugin, SiteCondor is a needed plugin.


SiteCondor and the Review

This plugin is mainly needed for the SEO section. Through this plug-in, the users can simply maintain the task of improving the on-page SEO and the optimization system of available contents. After that, by depending on SiteCondor, any WordPress user can keep any site healthy.

Main Tasks Performed

This plugin affords the way to deliver the crawl reports by depending on the searching system on the corresponding site. This system is performed on the weekly basis. After that, the error reports by depending on the recommendation system will also be followed through this. After that, the optimization system will also be viewed through this solution. This affords the way to see the size and the scope of the site by depending on the contents under each page. He broken links can also be identified through SiteCondor.

In finding out the broken links, it ensures the system to detect the broken links with the detailed 404 reports. The redirection system can be followed with the verification process of 301 & 302 reports. The page title system with the missing section can be followed through this. To extract the structured data and the on-page elements, it offers all the needed tools and the functions. Then, the analyzing process with the aggregated result will also be viewed through this. The crawling jobs can be run with the fully controlling power.

SiteCondor review

The Features and the Pricing Plans

SiteCondor offers four different packages. These packages are: Pro, Ultimate, Agency and Enterprise. The Pro plan includes 60,000 urls. The Ultimate plan is available with 200,000 urls support. Then, 100,000 urls can be controlled through the package of Agency. The Enterprise plan is valid with the urls of 200,000. The Pro plan supports 10 crawling system. The Ultimate and Agency plans include 50 crawls and the Enterprise plan includes 100 crawls.

Price of the plans: the Pro plan is available with the price of $19/month. The Ultimate plan is available with the price of $79 for each month. The Agency plan can be purchased through the price of $129/month. At the last case, the Enterprise plan and it is available with the price of $249/month.

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