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Site Analyzer Discount: Cool Coupon on Website Analysis Tools

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Get Up to 30% Cashback

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Buy any Site Analyzer plan (Starter, Pro, Agency or Reseller plan) with our above button and then claim for the following cashback:

  • 30% for monthly subscription
  • 20% for 3-month subscription
  • 10% for every yearly subscription

After purchase, please write to us for the cashback discount. Details are mentioned in the following image:

Site Analyzer Discount

Have Site Analyzer discount on any plan. Kindly have a look at the SA image for the discount.

We know about the various types of SEO tools. Each of these tools is very important to run an SEO campaign. Instead of purchasing each of these tools separately, it is better to purchase all in one application. Site Analyzer is an impressive application having all these tools. It is a reliable and affordable SEO application.

Review and Features of Site Analyzer

Running a search engine optimization campaign successfully is not an easy task. You have to focus on various things to do it nicely. For example, you have to monitor the rank of your pages. At the same time, it is very important to keep one eye on every competitor. Otherwise, there is a big chance for a competitor to follow a better technique. Similarly, there should be some necessary steps to create more backlinks. Maintaining the cost is another very important thing. All these tasks can easily be done by Site Analyzer. Get the helpful SA with our discount coupon. Grab the Site Analyzer coupon today. Here are the important features of this SEO application:

Advanced Rank Tracking

An efficient rank tracker must offer a daily monitoring facility. The rank tracker of Site Analyzer has that capability. It can deal with top 100 search results every day. An ordinary rank tracking solution can deal with the national searches in only a few countries. But, this one supports 58 different countries. Similarly, this tool is capable of dealing with the local searches in more 36 thousand towns. It supports lots of languages to find out a result.

Site Analyzer rank tracking tool is able to offer a detailed SERP view. This feature is helpful for finding out the history and evaluation of competitor’s ranks. You will be able to understand their trend with ease. Such a trend will help you to take some necessary steps to progress your campaign. Along with every old competitor, this solution is capable of dealing with the new arrivals. After collecting every piece of important data, this tool will create a white-label report.

Site Analyzer

Backlink Profile Analyzing

Site Analyzer has a powerful external link pointing tool. This tool can work with all your domains and sub-domains. At the same time, it is capable of discovering every netlinking strategy of each of your competitors. After collecting all these data, it will help to make a useful comparison among different domains and pages. Site Analyzer has a very big backlink database. This database contains about 7 billion URLs. With the help of this database, it can analyze in terms of three different indicators. These three indicators are Page Influence, Domain Influence, and Spam Rating. Its backlink checker is capable of dealing with any strategy that you follow.

On-Page Analysis

A simple SEO analysis is not effective in many cases. Instead, you must go for a page-by-page analysis. This task can easily be done with Site Analyzer on-page analysis tool. It can check each and very landing page of your site. In every page, it focuses on different terms. For example, it can check the keywords used in every page. Sometimes, some pages show a very poor performance in terms of loading. This tool will check its performance with ease. Every content on that page will also be checked by it. Site Analyzer checks the security and design of every landing page.

Competitiveness Checker

Comparing your search engine optimization progress with that of the competitor sites is very important. It will help to make your campaign more effective. There is no difficulty in doing so. Site Analyzer can do it in just a few seconds. For example, it can find the common keywords that are used in both sites. Each site may position these keywords differently. This information can be found out very easily. The number of backlinks for different pages can also be known by using it.

Website Analysis & SEO Tools

Creating lots of backlinks is important. In parallel, you also need to consider the cost per click. Site Analyzer can track this cost with ease. This application offers a powerful theme editor. This tool will help to create different types of white-label reports in a quick time. It helps to export data in the PDF, Excel, and presentation files.

Site Analyzer Discount and Pricing

Every SEO professional or website owner may not need this tool for the same number of websites. Site Analyzer Starter License is available for only 29 USD/month. Actually, you have to pay 348 USD to access this for a year. This license is for only one website. Suppose, you want to work with more than 2 websites. In that case, purchasing the Pro License of this application is more suitable. This one is suitable for 10 different websites. It can be enjoyed by spending only 69 USD/month excluding the discount. Site Analyzer Agency License is available for only $139/month. This one can manage 50 websites. And, it can be handled by 10 different users. The Reseller License of this application is available for only $359/month. This 30-user license can deal with 200 websites. This license is capable of creating branded reports.

Therefore, please see this review and use our coupon to get the website analysis and also SEO tools at a cheaper price. If you have any question on the Site Analyzer discount, please email us.

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