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ShopMessage Coupon: Avail Discount and Latest Pricing

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Avail ShopMessage coupon as 15% cash back, providing on your 1st invoice. Please check below ShopMessage image for the coupon details.

ShopMessage coupon

Facebook Messenger has become a great platform for promoting products and services. You just have to use this platform for engaging potential customers in an effective way. ShopMessage will help to do this task with ease.

A Quick Review of ShopMessage

Nowadays, almost every internet user has a Facebook account. And, almost every professional website has different social buttons. That means, it is possible to know the Facebook ID of website visitors. After that, you can easily contact with them through Facebook Messenger. ShopMessage is an efficient tool for this task. It will help you to send personalized messages to every potential customer. Start working to earn extra revenue with our discount coupon. Grab the fantastic ShopMessage discount today.

An Interactive Way

Email marketing is not a new way of online marketing. Almost every online marketer knows about it. For this reason, ShopMessage comes with an email marketing type way to promote your business. But, it is specially designed for Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns. That is why, it is more interactive and effective. Compare to an email marketing campaign, this one is capable of generating 10 times revenues. Customer activity monitoring is a great feature of this solution. Every visitor will perform some activities on your sites. Depending on these activities, ShopMessage will send them tailored messages. Suppose, a customer is looking for a product which is out of stock. Whenever, that product will be available, this solution will send an automated notification to the interested customer. Similarly, it is capable of sending other personalized messages too.


Recover Lost Revenue

You may have known about various tools for getting lost revenue back. That means, these tools are capable of tracking those customers who leave after adding products on their carts. After purchasing ShopMessage, there is no need to depend on any such tool. It will automatically send personalized notifications to those customers who did not purchase after showing interest. Hence, a big portion of those customers will come back to purchase products. Another important feature is the customer segmentation facility. This solution is capable of creating various segments. And then, you will be able to deal with these segments separately.

ShopMessage Coupon and Pricing

Depending on the number of targeted contacts, you can get a suitable license of ShopMessage. The Professional Package of this product starts working from 250 contacts. In that case, you have to pay only USD 9 per month without the coupon code. If the number of targeted contacts is between the range 251-500 then this monthly price will become only USD 24. Similarly, you can get it for up to 1 thousand contacts. In that case, only $49 should be paid. It is possible to purchase this package for maximum 3 thousand contacts. In such a case, you have to pay only USD 149 per month. ShopMessage has an enterprise package also. This affordable package has a dedicated account manager and lots of other facilities.

So, if you are satisfied with the review, then purchase the product with our discount. Hopefully you will enjoy the ShopMessage coupon and earn a lot of revenue.

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