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Sendloop Review | Get Pricing for the Email Marketing Solution

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Check exciting review and pricing of Sendloop provided here. Get the amazing email marketing software and professional solutions.

In our modern life, the online system has enabled a lot of supports. Without the effective support of the online system, we won’t be able to maintain the needed activities in the personal and professional case. Under the online system, e-commerce section plays a vital role. In the e-commerce section, email marketing system is a needed one part. To manage this term, we can rely on various emails marketing solution. Among all of the email marketing solution, Sendloop is very effective for the users.


Sendloop and the Review

This email marketing solution helps the users to assure the marketing activities through the email campaigning system. It is providing the activities for the last 14 years. It is assuring the facilities for more than 20,000 customers almost in 100+ countries.

Email Marketing Services

To maintain the email marketing services, this solution offers some steps. Among of these steps, the users will need to create the email editor system at the first step. In this step, the simple drag and drop system will be appeared. After that, Sendloop affords the system of reporting activities with the detailed terms. Here, the activities of email rates, geo-location system and the other information will be viewed. At the last case, the users will get the term of importing system of the available subscribers. This system is very fast and simple.

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Features Offered by Sendloop

Importing the subscribers: Sendloop offers the way to add the new subscriber in the account section of this. This process is very simple and fast. It doesn’t require the condition of limited subscriber addition process. In fact; the users can add up to 100 million subscribers in every hour. In the subscriber addition system, you can import them from the Excel file or CSV file.

Email campaigning: Email campaigning system is a needed one term under any email marketing solution and this term is maintained through Sendloop in an effective way. It offers the needed tools to manage the campaigning process. In the managing process of campaign, all the supports will be observed.

Reporting: The email marketing activities is needed to observe with the desired timing format. To enable this, the reporting system is very essential and this condition is offered by Sendloop. Here, you will get the information on email reports, conversion rates and other activities.

The Plans and the Prices

Sendloop offers two packages. Among of these packages, you will get Monthly Plans and Pay-As-You-Go package. The first package is offered through the price of $9/month. The Pay-As-You-Go package is offered with the price of $450. Both these packages offer unlimited email delivery, email campaigning system, reporting method, supporting system and so on.

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