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SeedProd Review | Avail Pricing for the WordPress Plugin

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Check amazing SeedProd review and pricing provided here. Avail the WordPress plugin platform and enjoy all the cool features.

In this modern time, the presence of the online system has enabled a lot of facilities to conduct all the needed functions. Without the helpful support of the online system, we are unable to manage the web based activities. Under the web section, WordPress platform is a helpful one. It offers the users to apply various types of plugin for various tasks. Under the WordPress plugin, SeedProd is a helpful one.


SeedProd and the Review

This plugin is mainly needed as a coming one and the maintenance mood for any WordPress site. Through this, you can assure the users to work on the corresponding sites while the visitors are seeing any coming soon site or the maintenance pages.

Main Functions under This

This plugin is mainly afforded to manage the full screen background system by applying the images, videos or the slideshow system. Besides, you can also apply the custom based background system. After that, the responsive system and the retina format are also allowed here and it is helpful for the flexible using format from any device. It also assures the way to apply the countdown system while constructing any site. You can let the users to know that when the site will be opened with the full performance. It allows the translation system and the multi-language supporting format. Moreover, it is also allowed for capturing the email leads.

seedprod review

Features Offered by SeedProd

Design: The designing section can be controlled through this plugin with the functions of custom look and the feel. It is customized with the mobile ready format and the retina ready. The WordPress sites using SeedProd can be formatted with the user defined slideshow and the background design.

Access Control: The access control mood can be handled through this plugin with the login system. It affords the format to allow the users by using the IP or the Role. It can include or exclude the URLs.

Email Marketing: The email marketing system can be handled through this solution with the proper data capturing process. It affords the Aweber integration system and the campaigning process with the user defined choice. After that, the users have the chance to ensure the social marketing sites integration process with the needed buttons.

Pricing Section Offered

SeedProd offers four packages and these packages are: Personal, Business, Developer and All Access. The Personal package is valid with the price of $29 for a single license. For the Business license, you need to pay only $49. In the Developer section based license, you will have to pay $49 and this price is offered with the discount system. For All Access license method, you need to pay only $199.

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